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TAB Review of Don't Die Dragon Fly

No, everyone this isn't another manga series. Don't Die Dragon Fly is the first book in a young adult fiction series called The Seer. It's also one of the new books in the Teens Place. In this book Sabine Rose is a teenage girl who not only has visions of the future, but she can see and talk to ghosts; which includes her spirit guide Opal (basically she doesn't see Opal, but she can hear her, which Sabine isn't always happy about cause Opal is a nag). This Story begins after Sabine is kicked out of her old school and sent to her grandma's because she had a vision of a student dying in a car crash before a dance and warned him. The guy ended up dying and a petition was made to kick her out of the school, which then led to her parents sending her away. Her Grandmother, Nona, has psychic powers too, but hers help her with her online dating survice. (In their family pyschic powers skip generations) Sabine tells Nona she grew out of her powers because she's afraid of them, but when she starts having visions of a bloody dragonfly and then meets a girl with a tatto that matches, SAbine can't ignore the connection. And then when the janitor gets hospitalized because he got in the way of the school being vandalized and robbed (actually he does some of the robbing) Sabine freaks out and realizes that not only does she not know what to do, but if she's going to stop her new vision from coming true she's going to have to use her powers and get some help. While worrying about her new friend she also has to worry about Dominic, the guy Nona "hires to help her with the animals around the farm", who not only has powers of his own, but discovers she lied about out growing hers and tells her if she doesn't tell Nona he will. Oddly enough thou, Nona wont believe her when she tells her she still has her powers. So when she runs out of people to turn to foe help she confides her secrets to the school papers editor, who happens to be one of her best friends, Manny. Then Manny forces Sabine to work with Thorn, who also has psychic powers, and the three not only have to solve the mystery and stop Sabine's vision, but Thorn and Sabine have to learn to get along. The answers to the mystery's aren't the only twists in this book, there's also a great cliff-hanger.