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TAB Review of Tsubasa Volume 2

This volume of Tsubasa starts in the middle of a fight that broke out in voilume 1; where Syaoran saves someone with his Kudan. Kudan are the gods of the Hanshin Republic (the first demension they go to) and everyone in the Hanshin Republic has a Kudan that looks after and protects them. The Kudan have different levels of power, and Syaoran, FAi, and Kurogane had special level (special level is the highest level a Kudan can be) attached to them upon entering the Hanshin Republic. After the fight Masayoshi, the guy Syaoran saved, offerers to show them around and help them find Sakura's feather. They also discover that during the fight Mokona has sensed one of Sakura's feathers. It turns out that there's a very good possibility that a Kudan has a feather. The day ended up not turning up any feathers thou because Mokona can't can't sense it unless the Kudan is active and the only way that happens if the person is in danger or fighting. So they decide the only way to find the right Kudan is to get in to fights. The only problom is there were a lot of people fighting with Kudans when Mokona sensed the feathe. Unfortunatly before they can come up with a plan Masayoshi is mistaken for Syaoran and he and Mokona are kidnapped by a love crazed pop idol who only wanted to get the attention of a group leader, who has paid special attention to Syaoran sense fighting him and discovering that their Kudan's are equal in power. This all eventually leads to Sakura waking up, but unfortunately she only remembers her name. Then Syaoran, Sakura, Fai, Kurogane, and Mokona say good bye to their friends and Kudan and leave for a new world. (or in Mokona's case it's more like saying good bye to all the new types of food)