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TAB Review of Tsubasa Volume 1

This volume begins with Princess Sakura visiting her child hood friend Syaoran after he returrns from an archaeological dig. The characters from this series may look like there counter parts from Cardcaptors, but theyt are older and have completely different personalities. (Okay so they have a lot in common like Syaoran and Sakura being in love, Toya hating Syaoran for loving his sister, and a few more, but there are also a lot of differences) Anyway in this story, like Cardcaptors, Sakursa and Syaoran haven't told each other that they love each other. But Sakura decides to surprise Syaoran at the dig and tell him she loves him, but a symbol is uncovered that has a weird reaction to SAkura's presence. This is what her weird misunderstood powers, along with wings that disappear after being shattered. (Which of course we later find out the feathers were scattered through out the different demensions.) With the feathers gone Sakura goes into a coma and if the feathers aren't returned she'll die. Yukito, who in this story is not only king Toya's friend, but High Priest, sends Sakura and Syaoran to the Space Time Witch, who grants wishes for the right price. Syaoran's wish is to travel to different demensions, find Sakura's feathers, and finally find there way back to Clow, their home. Mean while in another world Princess Tomoyo (and yes, Tomoyo as in Sakura's best friend from Cardcaptors, but they don't know each other in this series) sends Kurogane, one of her best ninjs's, to the Space Time Witch, after putting a curse on him; Which weakens him everytime he kills someone. Tomoyo sends Kurogane away to learn the true meaning of strength. Kurogane's wish is to travel through the demensions till he gets home. Then theirs Fai, who is king of his world and the creator of this series version of Chi. (And once again before asked, yes Chi from Chobites.) They don't really explain much about Fai, just that he's running away. Fai's wish is to travel the demensions and never go back home. When they meet the Space Time Witch she tells them that they all want the samething, to travel through demensions, but only together do they have enough to pay the price. Basically they each have to give up what matters to them most. For Fai it's the mark that gives him his power, Kurogane must say good bye to his sword, and the price for Syaoran is Sakura's memories of him. They are then given Mokona , a small animal like thing that has the power to travel through demensions. (Also Mokona loves food, never actually walks anywhere, and ;loves to annoy Kurogane, oh and he can't control the demensions he takes them to) The book then ends with Mokona taking the group to the first demension.