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TAB Review of Cardcaptor Sakura Master of the Clow Volume 5

This is a sequel to the series Cardcaptors; This series takes place after Sakura has captured all the Cloe Cards. The series has new transfer students and strange magical occurences. Then Sakura starts haveing strange dreams. The series also has Sakura turning the Clow Card into Sakura Cards, while Clow Reed tests her skills as a magician. And if that's not enough Syaoran discovers he loves Sakura, but is afraid to tell her. This volume starts with one of Sakura's dreams; in which she's at Tokyo Tower and she sees people (and an animal) who looks like Clow Reed, Yue, and Kero. When she tells Syaoran and Kero about her dream they decide to visit the Tokyo Tower. They are shocked to discover the people (and animal) from Sakura's dreams are the transfer students Eriol, Nakuru, and their pet cat Souppy. (Their true forms are Souppy=Spinnel Sun and Nakuru=Ruby Moon) Ther are a lot of answers in this volume, but not until Sakura, Kero, and Yue beat their counter parts. (Eriol=Sakura, Nakuru=Yue, and Souppy=Kero) Eriol put Sakura through her final test by putting everyone in the city to sleep and unless Sakura can break the spell before dawn on noe will ever wake up. After the battel everything is explained.