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TAB Review of Cardcaptor Sakura Master of the Clow Volume 6

There isn't any fighting in this novel, but a lot of people leave. To begin with Eriol, Nakuru, Souppy, and Mizuki go back to England. After Sakura changed the last Clow Cards into Sakura Cards and then became the strongest magician, she replaces Clow Reed, they had no further need to stay in Japan; although they were all said to say good bye to their friends. Especially Nakuru, she never got to go out with Toya. (Mostly because Toya didn't like her and was only nice because of Yukito) There's also the surprise of Eriol and Mizuki being in love. Before leaving Eriol tells Sakura "When you find out someone close to you is going away, far away... notice how you feel is different from the way you feel saying goodbye to me now." Sakura continues to wounder about Eriol's parting words until she finds out that not only does Syaoran have to move back Hong Kong, but he loves her. Sakura stays up the entire night before he leaves and figures out how she feels because she wants to tell Syaoran before he leaves. But can she get to the bus before it leaes, well I'll let you read and find out what happens.