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TAB Review: Nanny McPhee

The movie, Nanny McPhee (Emma Thompson), is the story about seven naughty children who do not use simple manners such as saying "please" and "thank you" and do not behave well with adults. These seven children of Mr. Cedric Brown are the hardest bunch to handle and have made 17 nannies leave their jobs. Cedric Brown loves his children but does not spend as much time with them as he did when his wife was alive. Soon, Nanny McPhee comes into their home and changes everything about the children. After Nanny McPhee comes in, the children start going to bed on time, get up from bed on time, and learn there manners. These children, who meant trouble, are turning into sweet, loving little children. This movie shows how seven of the brattiest children are soon willing to listen to Nanny McPhee, and others, because they do not want to accept the consequences of not doing so. Emma Thompson: Nanny McPhee Colin Firth: Cedric Brown Kelley Macdonald: Evangeline Angela Lansbury: Great Aunt Adelaide Celia Imrie: Mrs. Quickly Imelda Staunton: Mrs. Blatherwick Derek Jacobi: Mr. Wheen Patrick Barlow: Mr. Jowels Thomas Sangster: Simon Brown Eliza Bennett: Tora Brown Jennifer Rae Daykin: Lily Brown Raphael Coleman: Eric Brown Sam Honywood: Sebastian Brown Holly Gibbs: Christianna "Chrissy" Brown Hebe Barnes: Agatha "Aggie" Brown (baby) Zinnia Barnes: Agatha "Aggie" Brown (older)