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Looking for a Book That You Haven't Read by Your Favorite Author?

Then look into graphic novels and comic books. Many best selling authors are bringing their skills to the four color world of comics: Writer Jodi Picoult wrapped her four issue run on DC Comics Wonder Woman this week with the release of issue #10. Look for her run to be collected in graphic novel form later in the year or early in 2008 Best selling thriller write David Morrell will write a six issue mini-series for Marvel Comics called "Captain America: Chosen," which begins in September. The series takes place during the hero's last days and examines his connection with a solider fighting on the ground in Afghanistan Science Fiction write, Richard K Morgan whose new novel, "Thirteen" was released this week, wrote two noir drenched espionage adventures featuring Marvel Comics' Black Widow, both of which have been collected in graphic novel form. The first is "Black Widow: Homecoming." The second is "Black Widow 2: The Things They Say About Her." Young Adult novelist Tamora Pierce is currently scripting the adventures of Angela Del Toro, a former FBI agent and the latest hero to take up the mantle of the White Tiger. The sixth and concluding issue to "White Tiger" hits in July and the graphic novel collection of the series arrives in September Crime writer Charlie Huston is currently chronicling the exploits of Moon Knight, Marvel Comics' brutal, physically and mentally scarred vigilante. His first story is collected in the graphic novel "Moon Knight: The Bottom" Many people know Neil Gaiman from his award winning and acclaimed novels like "American Gods" and "Stardust" (the feature film adaption of Stardust hits theaters this Summer) but not everyone knows that the writer got his start in comics. Gaiman is the writer of "Sandman" one of the mostly highly acclaimed and critically praised comic series ever. The entire series is collected in 10 graphic novels. In recent years Gaiman returned to comics. First he wrote th series "1602" which re imagines Marvel Comics superheroes as characters from that era. The Fantastic Four are the crew of the ship known as the "Fantastic". Master of the Mystic Arts, Dr. Strange is Queen Elizabeth's personal physician. The Marvel Universe's top spy Nicholas Fury is one of Elizabeth's personal advisers and mutants like the X-Men are dubbed Witchbreeds and hunted by the forces of the Inquisition and persecuted by the man who will become King James. In "The Eternals" Gaiman updated and reintroduced Jack Kirby's classic alien gods. Both "1602" and "The Eternals" are available in graphic novel form.