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XXX-The Movie

This a movie with Hollywood Celebrities including Vin Diesel (Xander Cage), Samuel L. Jackson (Gibbons), Asia Agento (Yelena), Marton Csokas (Yorgi), Eve, TeeJay Boyce (Janelle), Joe Bucaro (Virg), Orbital (musical group), Rammstein (musical group), and Micheal Roof. The movie was 2:30 minutes long. This movie is really packed with action and would be since it has Vin Diesel in it. The movie starts off by Xander cage who is an extreme sports athelete who gets recruited by the goverment on a special mission. His goal of his mission is to gather information of an organization that is planning a very dangerous destruction of the world. This organization is led by Yorgi. As the movie progresses Xander is asked to get closer and closer to these dangerous people which is not good for his well being, but he still does due to his restrictions from the NSA. A lot of action continues on and off with a little hint of sensuality in bewteen the action scenes. This movie is packed with action from Vin Diesel. From the skateboard stunt to the Corvette jumping from the bridge, to the Motorcycle stunt this movie is loaded with action from beginning to end. This is how how the movie throughout and at the end Vin Diesel finishes off with a avalanche stunt with a snowboard. Also, when the movie is over he gets his whole crime record cleaned and is back to his daily lifestyle. All together watching the movie and writing this blog took me 3 and 1/2 hours.