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TAB Review: Rush Hour 2

Rush Hour 2 is a high action thriller that smashed the box office records when it came out in 2001. Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker return in this sequel to Rush Hour with more high flying action and more laughter than ever. In my opinion, if you saw the first movie, this is 10 times better. It is hilarious. The movie starts out in Hong Kong, where Carter (Chris Tucker) and Lee (Jackie Chan) are taking a break away from all of the crime. This is when they get the news that a gang was responsible for bombing the American Embassy and killing two American agents. Carter doesn't want to get involved and wants to keep on their vacation. Lee, however, is determined to get to the bottom of the mess. Lee attempts to track down Ricky Tan, the Triad gang leader and Lee's dad's partner. Tan seems to be responsible for the explosion at the U.S. Embassy. But things get more out of hand whenTan, who is their only lead, is killed in a gang war, Lee and Carter are driven out of Hong Kong. They follow a hotel billionaire named Steven Reign back to America to start sorting the mess out. As I said in the begining, I enjoyed this film more than I enjoyed Rush Hour 1. This movie had action, adventure, comedy, thrills, and many other aspects that made it a smashing hit. Those of you that havent seen the movie, I hope that this review will make you want to watch it. Those that have seen it, this is just a brief synopsis of the plot to fill you in on the story in case you have forgotten. Because, in a few months, Rush Hour 3 is hopefully take over as the best film of 2007.