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TAB Review of Shattered Mirror

This novel is about a vampire hunter named Sarah Vida. In this book real vampire hunters are also witches. The Vida family are the most feared, respected, and famous vampire hunters in history and Sarah's mom is the leader and most famous of them all. Sarah has an older sister, Adianna, who is becoming more and more like their mother, Dominique. Dominique is first and for most a hunter, so she is very cold, lives by the Vida laws, and expects nothing less from her daughters. The Vida family have been hunting a vampire named Nikolas sense he killed a pregnant women named Elizabeth Vida, this was his first known kill. Nikolas is well kinown because he cuts his name into one of his victim's arms and a rose with vines around the wrist on the other. The book begins with Sarah tracking one of Nikolas' victims to a bash, party where vampires feed on humans. Nikolas lets some of his victims live, but they are sickeningly loyal to him and would choose death over betraying him. When she gets there she gets an invite to the next bash, but it becomes usless when she is discovered by Kaleo. Basically she gets a broken arm and some cuts. Dominique then moves her and her sister out of the city and she has to go to a new school and say good bye to some of her oldest hunting partners and friends. When she gets to the school she instintly recognizes Christopher and Nissa as very weak vampires, Nisa doesn't drink human blood often and Christopher hadn't drank human blood for a long time. Because they are so weak they don't realize Sarah is a witch. They are in three out of Sarah's four classes and they soon become friends, which is against Vida laws, and then Sarah begins to care about them, especially Christopher, and that is definitly against Vida law. As Sarah continues to hunt Nikolas her probloms just get bigger and more confussing, and it doesn't help that she has Adianna brerathing down her back. To make matters worse every new piece of the puzzel she finds makes her rethink everything she knows and was brought up to believe while making her opinion of Nissa and Christopher go up and down like a see saw. Sarah has to make the biggest choice she will ever make when she's caught breaking Vida law and faces trial. Sarah discovers that when it comes to good and evil it's noy just black and white, like what the Vida's are taught to believe, but there are some gray area's as well. This is a great book and possibly one of the best vampires stories of it's time.