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TAB Review of the Bonemenders Oath

This is a very short novel and is the secound in a series. In the first book "The Bonemender" takes place during a war between Verdeau and Greffier. This story is after Greffeier retreates and Gabrielle, Tristan, Feolan,and the rest of Verdeau's army gp home. Tristan goes back to the capital firat to tell his mother, brother, and the rest of the royal family that King James, his father, had died in battel. Dominic, Tristan, and Gabrielle are all siblings and the children of the King and Queen of Verdeau, but Gabrielle was adopted and found out in the first book that she is half elf. Dominic is the eldest and is married with kids, he will inherit that throne. Shortly after returning to the castle Derkh is healed and walking around. Derkh is a solider from Greffier who was badly wounded in the war, Gabrielle healed him and took him in. Derkh leaves with Gabrielle and Feolan to Stonewater, the village where the elves live. Before Feolan and Gabrielle get married Gabrielle is going to live in Stonewater for the winter to learn about her culture and get to know her new family. Then she's going to stay with her mother in the spring before her wedding. Feolan and Gabrielle met and fell in love during the war, this concerns Feolan's father because he's worried Gabrielle loves Feolan because he was the first of their kind she met. Then Derkh decides to go back to Greffier and runs away, so Gabrielle and Feolan follow him into the mountains to make sure, if he really wants to go, that he makes it their alive. This turns into an adventure that becomes life threatening. Mean while back at the Capital Tristan gets engaged to Rosalie, who lives with her father in Blanchette on the coast. Tristan plans to move their and marry her. They run into trouble when a crazy, rich suitor of Rosalie's, who also hates the royal family, wants revenge aganist Tristan and wants him dead. They all end join back up at the peace meetings for the end of the book and the final probloms are resolved.