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TAB Review of Marked

Marked is the first in the House of Night series, and as I'm sure you can guess by the name of the series, it's about vampires. This book takes place in a world much like are own, Tulsa Oaklahoma to be exact, but with one big difference. Vampires are known to have existed as long as humans have and some of the most famous people in our world are vampires in theirs. There's also a group called the People of Faith, them and there followers are anit-vampire and think vampires are connected to saten. Other humans don't have probloms with vampires and acctually look ip to them because vampire are well known for their abilities in music and the arts. In this world people aren't turned into vampires by being biten by other vampires; Nyx, a vampire goddess, sends visions to the High Prietisses who send out trackers, who are vampires who mark fledlings, then once your marked you begin to go through the change (going from human to vampire) and have a day or two to get to a House of Night (a school where fledglings train for 4 year while they go through the change) or you get sick and die. When someone is marked a tatoo of a cresent moon appears in the middle of their fourehead, that becomes sapphire blue if they complete the change. Once at the school fledglings lives are still not garenteed, some fledglings reject the change and die. At the house of night you start as a third former, secound years are fourth formers, third years are fifth formers, and fourth years are sixth formers. The schools are boarding schools so the students live on campus and while they do sleep during the day and go to school at night it's not because they burn in the sun. Vampires are just sensitive to the sunlight and prefer the night. And there are specific rules involving blood, especially for fledglings. This series is about a 16 year old, Zoey Redbird, who is going through the change. The book starts with Zoey getting marked while she's in school and her friends turning against her. It doesn't help that her step dad is an elder in the People of Faith, so when she goes home she ends up having to sneak out her window. Confused Zoey goes to her grandmothers farm and falls hitting her head, because she is already getting sick. Zoey sees her self from out side her body and then sees the godess Nyx who kisses her mark. When Zoey wakes up she is in the House of Night and everyone is surprised by her filled in mark because no fledgliung has ever had a filled in mark. Her grandmother says good bye to Zoey once she introduces her to Neferet, the High Priestess of the House of Night in Tulsa and Zoey's mentor. Neferet and Zoey begin walking to Zoey's new dorm room when Neferet has to go to her office and tells Zoey to go ahead and wait in the courtyard. On the way there Zoey stumbels upon two students she later discovers are Erik and Aphrodite. Aphrodite becomes her new enemy and Zoey discovers she likes Erik, who happens to be Aphrodite's ex. Erik hate Aphrodite, but Aphrodite isn't willing to give up. which ends up giving Zoey even more probloms. Then Zoey becomes a Dark Daughter, the Dark DAughters and Sons are the most elite club on campous. Once Zoey is invited to a Dark Daughters ritual she is forced into joining the club even thou pretty much everyone hates her. Aphrodite is a High Priestess in training which makes her leader of the Dark Daughters and she is miss using her powers. Zoey and her new friends Stevie Rae (and amazingly thats a girls name in this book), Erin, Shaunee, and Damien decide they have to stop Aphrodite and the Dark Daughters and Sons before it's to late. Honestly, onece I started reading this book I couldn't stop reading until I finished it and now I can't wait till the next one comes out. Betrayed (#2) comes out October 2, 2007 Chosen (#3) comes out February 19, 2008