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TAB Review of Zodiac P.I. Vol.1

This Manga series is about a 13 year old named Lili Hoshizawa. Lili is an astrologer, does fortune telling under the name Mademoiselle Lili, solves cases under the name Spica (after the star). Lili took over as a fortune teller and Spica when her mother disappeared. Lili's mom also left her the star ring, the star ring hold the astral spirits and they can tell the owner of the ring anyones fatedetermined by the stars. The series starts the day Lil is reunited with an old friend, Hiromi Oikawa (Hiro). When Hiro and Lili where six years old Hiro moved to the United States, where he got a degree in criminal psychology, and then he just moved back and is now in Lili's class. Hiro wants to be a detective like Spica (Lili's mom as Spica not Lili as Spica) Oh and he's allergic to girls. That same day a students body is found hangin from a tree. The police believe that it's a suicide, but Spica and Hiro believe other wise and decide to solve the case. After that case Lili has to be careful around Hiro because he wants to find out who Spica is. Her next case makes it even harder for Lili to hide her secret because she has to go undercover at a piano school that is concedered hunted, a piano school that Hiro teaches at. This case turns into a murder mystery and onece again Spica and Hiro have to team up to solve a mystery. When this case is solved Lili ends up with a permanet partner because Hiro discovers her identity. The book then ends Lili and Hiro getting a new case. There principal gets a letter stating that someone is going to steal his golden statue. (it's of his head and even thou it's mad of gold it's still really ugly and possibly blinding.)