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TAB Review of Zodiac P.I. Vol.2

This Volume begins with Spica and Hiro solving the case of the missing statue. For those who didn't read my other blog or read volume 1, their princepal got a letter telling him his gold statue would be stolen, but he goes along with a party to show it off because the police are there, but it goes missing anyway and Spica and Hiro have to solve the case. While finding the statue Hiro is abducted by someone who calls her self Sirius, also after the star. Sirius tells Spica she's testing her and she only has four hours to solve the case or she'll never seee Hiro again. Sirius sends Lili four texts giving her four clues to where she'll find a letter, onece she has all four letters they spell a word that will lead her to Hiro. In the end Sirius never planed on harming Hiro and she gets away. Lili gets invited on a fortune telling show where she meets yet another old friend. Ryo Ibuki, his mother used to see Lili's mother to get her fortune told and the two used to play. Ryo recognizes Lili, but yet again it takes Lili a while to realize who he is. Luckly for Lili, she brings Hiro, because this t.v. show turns into an attempted murder. The book then ends with Lili and Hiro arriving in Kyoto. Hiro takes Lili with him to visit his Aunt over winter break. Lili meet a real Geisha, her twin sister in training to be a Geisha, a costumer who is less then nice, and then finally Hiro's Aunt before this book ends.