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TAB Review of Zodiac P.I. Vol.3

This volume stars with the murder of the not so nice costumer from the previous book. Twins make this case all the more confussing to solve, but Hiro and Lili come through as always. When Lili finds a love letter Spica gets a case invoving love letters and disapperances. Hiro and Lili go undercover at an all girls school to find out who is sending girls love letters and then kidnapping them. Things get bad when Hiro's sister, who goes to the school, gets a love letter and disapperas right under Lili and Hiro's watchful eyes. Then Lili runs to the park to meet the guy who wrote the love letter to her only to discover that it had been a ten year old letter Hiro wrote before he moved. When Lili didn't find the note ten years ago Hiro waited at the park in the rain all day. Hiro got very ill and got allergic reactions when a girl came into contact with him after that. Lili is then runs into Hiro at a wedding reception at a hall that holds a picture that is said to bring a lifetime of happiness to any couple that kisses under it. They are there because weird thing keep occuring in the hall, which means it's time for Spica and Hiro to solve another mystery. This case with Sirius and a strange man watch Hiro and Lili escape a fire, the man is njot pleased and confesses to takiing part in the fire.