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TAB Review of Zodiac P.I. Vol.4

There's only one case in this book and it starts with a trip to a new fortune teller named Zeus. Zeus looks Lili, Hiro, and Lili's dad in his mansion. Zeus hates Spica (both Lili and her mom, but mostly Lili's mom) and he wants Lili's star ring. Sirus is also discovered to be working with Zeus and kidnapps Lili's dad. Zeus tells Lili to give him the star ring or he'd kill her dad. Hiro tells Lili to stall for time while he figures out how to rescue her father. After Hiro saves both Lili and her father he sugests they research before going back, but Lili sneaks out and when Hiro comes after her Zeus puts a gun to his head and tells Lili she has to trade the Star ring for Hiro. While Hiro is being held captive Lili is forced to solve the rest of the mystery on her own.