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TAB Review of Wish Vol. 1

This manga begins with a human named Shuichiro Kudo saveing an angel named Kohaku from a crow. At first Shuichiro thinks he's dreaming, but when Kohaku refuses to leave until she discovers away to help him he quickly learns to believe. Then three devils named Ruri, Hari, and Koryo come and cause more trouble for Kohaku. Ruri and Hari spy on Kohaku to find out why she is on Earth, Angel's have to have permission to be on Earth. They over hear Kohaku tell Shuichiro that she was sent to Earth to find Madam Hisui, one of the four angel masters. There are four angel masters for the four elements, Madam Hisui was the angel of wind. Madam Hisui disappeared and Kohaku was sent to find her before Madam Hisui is expelled from heaven. Ruri and Hari run to tell Koryo what they've learned while Shuichiro offers to help Kohaku. Shuichiro and Kohaku ride aroud the city on Shuichiro's motercycle so Kohaku can look for the light that comes from an angels wings. Right as the sun sets when Kohaku begins to shrink, angels and devils who haven't finished training can't stay regular side all day when there on earth (Angels change to chibi form during the night and and devils change into chibi form during the day), and Koryo returns to normal size and attacks them. His attack is stopped when Madam Hisui and Kokuyo, the son of Satan, interfier. They all go back to Shuichiro's home and Madam Hisui and Kokuyo tell everyone the truth.