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Lagaan: Once Upon A Time In India

The movie Lagaan takes place in India in a small village of Champaner in 1890s. It is a community of poor and innocent farmers who are working hard planting crops and reaping their harvest. Part of this community are Bhuvan (Aamir Khan), a young farmer, and Gauri (Gracie Singh), his love. One of the British officers, called Captain Russell, challenges Bhuvan to compete against him in a popular British sport known as Cricket. Indians have never heard of this sport before, but Bhuvan accepts the challenge. This is because if they win against the British team, then they do not have to pay lagaan (tax) for three whole years. The captain knows that the villagers have no chance of beating him and his team at their own game. The villagers, led by Bhuvan they are ready to take on the British despite their ignorance of the game. Now comes to their rescue the army captain's younger sister Elizabeth. Elizabeth realizes that the conditions thorugh which the Indains suffer is not at all fair and decides that she will help Bhuvan understand the game and help him develop his team of amateur players. With a strong will and a look of determination, Bhuvan and the villagers stand together against the British team and their skill in the field of cricket. Faith and hard work come face to face with ruthlessness and what follows is spectacular climax of showdown between the Indians and the British on the cricket field. I highly recommend this movie to all as it is a great film. It will open your eyes to the beauty of India and the hearts of Indians. The story will touch your heart and make you want to watch it over again and hope that the story wouldn't have ended.