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Kaho Naa Pyar Hai-Hindi

Hrithik Roshan is playing the character of Rohit. But, later is the movie he plays the part of the character Raj. IN this movie he plays a double role. Also he is an orphan and lives with his little brother and his foster family. He meets Sonia. Amisha Patel is playing this role and she is the sweet heart of Rohit. She is seduced by his loving charm and innocence. Throughout the movie they are attracted towards each other. Sonia invites him on a cruise with her. She becomes very jealous since a lot of the girls are going after Rohit and she does not like it so she tries to get him back by getting all horny with her friend and due to a freak accident they are separated from the main ship. Sonia and Rohit both wake up in a small boat out in the middle of nowhere. They reach a small island and during their stay over there they get attracted to one another. They soon start to realize that they love each other and start getting into a deep and strong relationship. Also, their friendship blossoms into love. Sonia's father finds them stranded on a unknown island and comes there to meet both of them up there. Sonia's dad initially disapproves the relationship bewteen his daughter and her boyfriend but later agrees to their marriage, provided that Rohit gets more self-sufficient economically to support their family. On the day of Rohit's first stage show he witnesses an accident and the killers eliminate him in a motorcycle accident. Sonia is totally shocked by this incident. She cannot believe that her beloved had gotten killed just like this. She believed this was done by someone and/or was planned. She gets more and more into trauma so goes to New Zealand to get away from her past. But she is in for a big shock when she sees Raj (Hrithik Roshan) who looks exactly like Rohit. Raj gets to know Sonia and is attracted towards her but Sonia spurns his advances. Raj travels with her all the way back to Mumbai to persuade her, and on Mumbai airport he is shot at by the same man who had killed Rohit. Now Raj and Sonia are on the run away from the villains and should solve the mystery for themselves before the villains catch up with them. This is another hit movie by the bollywood cinema and I strongly suggest for those of you who are lovers this is a true classic of bolywood love story.