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TAB Review of Weetzie Bat

This is the first in the Weetzie Bat series, and no it's not manga. This is possibly one of the oddest books I've ever read, but i laughed the entire time I was reading it and trust me once you start you wont want to stop reading this book. To start Weetzie Bat is the name of one of the main character in the book, it's writen from her point of view. It begins with Dirk McDonald asking Weetzie out. Dirk and Weetzie go out for a while and become very close. Weetzie also becomes very close to Dirk's grandma Fifi. Then one day while on a date Dirk tells Weetzie he's gay. She says yay, we can look for ducks (guys) together. There fine for a while, but then they can't seem to find guys, seeing how sad they are Fifi gives Weetzie an old lamp. When Weetzie gets home she trys to clean it and a genni pops out (dead series theres a genni). then she tells him her tree wishes "I want a Duck for Dirk, My Secret Agent Lover Man (thats what Weetzie always called her dream man), and a cute house for them all to live in. The next day Dirk calls to tell her that Fifi died and left them everything, including her house. Weetzie feels horrible until Dirk reminds her Fifi was dying before the wish was made, she didn't wish for that house, and that she didn't wish to get it that way. So Dirk and Weetzie move into the cottage, a little while later Dirk meets his dream duck (again means guy) and his name is Duck Drake, Duke then moves in with Weetzie and Dirk and becomes part of there family. Then while working at a dinner Weetzie meets Valentine Jah-Love, Ping Chong, and there son Raphael Chong Jah-Love and they become part of the family. Then while Weetzie is still working at the dinner she meets her dream guy and his name is My Secret Agent Lover Man (and yes thats a name in this book). He directs movies and when he moves in he, Coyote (his friend), Weetzie, Duke, Dirk, Ping, Valentine, and Raphael make movies and become pretty ritch. Then Weetzie decides she wants a baby, but My Secret Agent Lover Man says he dosen't want to bring a baby into such a bad world. So when he goes camping with Coyote Weetzie, Dirk, and Duke decide to make a baby and tell him later. When My Secret Agent Lover man comes back Weetzie tells him what happens and that she is pregnant and doesn't know wheather he, Dirk, or Duke is the biological family, but her, Dirk, and Duke think they can all be a family. My Secret Agent Lover MAn gets mad and leaves, Weetzie is very sad, but Dirk and Duke take care of her and then the baby is born. Weetzie names the baby girl Cherokee and she looks like Weetzie, Dirk, Duke, and My Secret Agent Lover Man. A while after they go back to the cottage My Secret Agent Lover Man comes back and thing are good until some lanka (this apparently means girl) comes by looking for Max, Weetzie tells her theres no Max living there and loses the door. My Secret Agent Lover Man then gets very ill and the women comes back, it's then discovered that My Secret Agent Lover Man is MAx and while he was gone he waas in some kind of an acult and the women, Vixanne, is a witch and is using voodo to make him sick. She tells him to give her mony for an abortion, because he got her pregnant, and she'll take off the spell and leave him alone. A few months later they find a baby on the front porch that has Vixanne's tilted purple eyes. My Secret Agent Lover Man wants to take the baby back, but Weetzie say he can't and they should keep her. The baby, Witch Baby (again name in this book) becomes part of the family.