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TAB Review of Witch Baby

This is the SEcound book in the Weetzie Bat series. This book is told from the point of veiw of Witch Baby. In the begining they show how she feels like she doesn't belong and how she watches her family from the shadows of from behind her camera. She trys to get close to everyone, but never does. First she thinks she's a lot like Coyote, when she doesn't want to go out with the rest of the family he watches her and tells her a story about Joshua trees and shows her the seeds that My Secret Agent Lover Man had brought back for him from the desert. Withch Baby takes the seeds and plants them by the school across the street that night. Coyote is very angree with her because the seeds only grow in the desert. Witch Baby then strats sneaking out at night trying to find them until Dirk finds her one night while he's on a run. Then Witch Baby sees that Dirk and Duke are different because they love each other and trys to get closer to them. When Dirk and Duke tell everyone that they are going to visit Dukes family Witch Baby asks to come. Dukes family doesn't know he's gay so they say no. Witch Baby then hides in the trunk and goes anyway. While there Witch Baby tells Duke's mom he's gay and She's not happy about it to say the least. Duke gets angrey and he, Dirk and Witch Baby leave. When they get back to the cottage Duke's mom is there and apologizes and Duke and his mom become closer, but again Witch Baby is alone. She falls in love with Raphael, but then discovers he's in love with Cherokee (who likes him back). Then she meets Angel on the set of one of My Secret Agent Lover Mans movies and she is finally not alone, but then he and his family are forced to leave and she is sad and My Secret Agent Lover Man tells her the truth about being her father. When she tells Cherokee she knows who her real father is Cherokee gets upset and runs to Weetzie and and My Secret Agent Lover Man. Witch Baby hides in the shadows and over hears Weetzie tell Cherokee that she knows who her mother is and has three fathers and it doesn't matter which one is her biological father and that she is lucky because Witch Baby will never meet her real mother. Witch Baby then runs away to find her real mother and in doing so unknowingly finds the place where she belongs.