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Looking for the complete text of a poem, story, play, speech or essay? Then Litfinder is a must for you. This database is searchable by genre, subject, nationality or timeline. The Poetry section includes more than 125,000 full-text poems, including 25,000 copyrighted poems and 850,000+ poem citations and excerpts. The Stories collection has been carefully selected to provide a representative, rich anthology of short stories. Over 1,000 complete plays are included and character lists make searching just that much easier. From antiquity to modern times, the speeches included in LitFinder represent the finest examples of recorded oratory. This collection includes the best and the best-known speeches of the past 2,500 years and has categorized them into easily searchable genres. In Essay Finder the essays focus on the humanities and social sciences, and include biographies and literary criticism. The LitFinder database is constantly being updated. Take a look today!