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Woh Lamhe-Hindi

This is another great bollywood movie. This movie was directed by Mohit Suri. Mohit Suri is a part of a series of famous directors of bollywood. the Characters of this movie are Kagana Ranaut, Shiney Ahuja, Shaad Randhawa, and Purab Kohli. The story of this bollywood movie was writtend by Mahesh Bhatt. Mahesh Bhatt is famously known for writting great love stories that have been directed and have been brought onto screeen with great feedback. This movie was a romance love story. The movie begins off with Kangana who plays the role of Sana Azim slashing her wrists in a hotel room in a attempt to kill herself but commiting suicide and then leaving herself unconsicous in a bathtub. with flowing blood filling the bathtub. Later, when this news is reached to Shiney Ahuja who plays the role of Aditya Garewal who is a film-maker, he gets very devestated. Now, he is just waiting out infront of the ICU to know when Sana will gain her consciousness back. But, during this crucial time period he remember those rosey days and those campagne nights. Then the movie goes back into flashback. The movie rewinds back into Sana's old days of darkness of her life. Sana Azim used to live in Junagadh with her widowed mom. She was only and only discovered by Nikhil Rai. He introduced her to the new and unseen bollywood screen but, there was no looking back for this actress. Hence, she lived with Nikhil, but in a very strange and obsurd relationship. Nikhil ordered her around, controlled, and even physically abused her. Sana was even physically sexually raped by Nikhil. She so was so stressed out from all of this, she always felt like giving up on this world, her mom, the famous bollywood actress dream, and just leave everything behind. The story takes a whole new turn when this unknown journalist/ Film-maker Aditya Garewal wrote about Sana describing her in very unflattering and egoistic terms. In other words, he meant that she was a slave for Nikhil, she does not know how to live her life, someone else controls her life, and many other hurtful things that really hurt Sana's heart. All of this controversy led to a well-publicized confrontation. This type of emotional and mental attack was used only so Aditya would be able bring Sana close to him, so that way he could put her in his film. In other words, this ploy was used by Aditya in order to compel Sana to act in his movie-which was very successful, like a bullet right in the heart or a dart right in the bulls-eye. The movie progresses with both Sana and Aditya getting closer and closer to each other and each other's hearts. Both started working together and were drawn to each other-a closeness that drew Aditya into Sana's dark and unstable world, a world where Sana is only and only controlled by a hallucinoginized girl, named Rani, who only exists in Sana's mentality and only her mind. Rani is the main cause why this tragedy happens with Sana. Later, progressing in the movie Sana and Aditya come even closer. Aditya realizes that Sana is the only reason why he is living his life, so he decides to put his whole career at stake and risk by taking her away. He believed that in order for Sana to get better and to save her from total devestation it was neccessary to take her away from Bollywood and the vested interests that threaten to destroy her completely. He gives so much love that it is impossible for Sana Azim to get mentally ill, again. Aditya gave her, her medicine everyday, he always fed her properly, and spent all day with her just carressing her. throughout, the movie it was discovered by Aditya's friend that Sana had stopped taking her medicines and her dark halluicinogen was coming back, Rani. Rani was saying again that Aditya wants to kill her, and that is where the she tries killing Aditya, but still Aditya does not give up, he still loves her as he did before that incident happened. Finally, the relationship comes to stop when Kangana tells Aditya that her getting mentally well is literllay imposssible and also her illness can never ever go away. So the tragedy strikes when Kagana leaves Aditya one day, and from there all of Aditya's questions are left unnswered. Finally the movie finishes off with Kagana dying off in the hospital and Aditya is there crying for Kangana. A sad story but very very loving.