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Music: Then and Now

This goes back a few years, but I just finished auditioning One Kiss Can Lead to Another (Girl Group Sounds: Lost & Found), a splendid, four-disc collection of the girl group trend of the Sixties. You'll find many familiar names (Ronettes, Shirelles, Exciters, Supremes, etc.), but not necessarily the biggest hits that are commonly included in anthologies of #1 records. If you do check out this item, be sure you ask for the accompanying booklet (very thick, very informative and much fun). This CD set got me thinking about comparable acts today and who they might be. The sounds are significantly different, but one group that came to mind is Tegan & Sara, twin sisters from Calgary whose music is pop-flavored and might prove commercially popular if there was such a thing as Top 40 radio any longer. What I've heard of their new album, The Con, is very promising. The previous CD, So Jealous, included a number of play-again-and-again tunes.