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Sort of like the Da Vinci Code but it doesn't stink

That's sort of how I would describe writer Arvid Nelson's graphic novel series Rex Mundi. It takes some of the same ideas but presents them in a much more compelling and exciting way. Plus with Rex Mundi you actually get fully fleshed out, interesting and well rounded characters that you care about, something Mr. Brown apparently didn't have time for. So what's the premise of Rex Mundi you ask? It's a series set in our world but history has gone down a drastically different path. In the world of Rex Mundi, The Protestant Reformation never happened. So Europe is still a place where Kings and the Church hold enormous power. The Inquisition is still a terrifying force to be reckoned with. Technology has developed in different ways and the arcane forces of magic have begun to be harnessed by a select guild of people. Our guide through this world is, Dr. Julien Sauniere, a medical doctor who becomes embroiled in an epic mystery when he's asked by his friend Father Marin to help find a missing medieval scroll. Sauniere's search for the scroll becomes a quest to discover the secret nature of the Holy Grail and the identity of the man who may become the Rex Mundi or King of the World. Sauniere's quest has lead him to encounters with many interesting and colorful characters like the powerful Duke of Lorraine a man with imperialistic designs on the Holy Land and Inquisitor Morricant, the ruthless hatchet man for the Archbishop of Sens. There are currently three volumes of Rex Mundi with a fourth one set to be released around December. They are: Book 1: The Guardian of the Temple, Book 2: The River Underground, and Book 3: The Lost Kings A film adaptation of Rex Mundi is also in the works. Johnny Depp is set to produce the film and star as Sauniere. Readers can also find a wealth of interesting supplemental material on Rex Mundi at writer Arvid Nelson's website: