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Fairest, by Gail Carson Levine, is a magical tale that takes you through the kingdom of Ayortha. The protagonist is a young girl named Aza. She was abandoned when she was a baby at an inn, where the innkeepers take her in. They treat her like their own child. But Aza has one problem, a problem that she struggled with for her whole life. She, along with many others, thinks that she is ugly. She wants to be pretty more than anything else. Even though she looks unattractive, Aza has a voice that is far better than anyone else in the whole kingdom. then, one day, she meets a duchess who takes her along on a journey to the palace. There, she meets the king, queen, and charming prince. The queen offers to make her a lady in waiting, and Aza accepts. That would prove to be a decision that Aza will later regret, after she experiences an adventure involving magic mirrors, ugly ogres, and secret gnome caverns. This book is very fun to read and is a unique type of a fairytale.