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A list about lists

Seems like everyone has a list--grocery list, to-do list, list of places to visit, etc. The World Wide Web has taken lists to a new level. Even the Canton Public Library has an online list: Fave Fives-- a list of five favorite books, movies, CDs, etc., submitted by patrons. Wired magazine has a list of the best list websites. Check them out. 5. Tenspotting Create, edit and publish lists to share with others. 4. All Consuming Catalog books, music, movies, food and more. Share your list, make and receive recommendations and join a list-loving community. 3. Ta-da Lists An Internet dream for compulsive list makers. No more scraps of paper, misplaced lists, scratched up notepads. Here, you put your list on line, either publicly or privately, and you can access it anytime. Check it from your Blackberry from Target and never forget diapers again. 2. Lists of Bests Create a list, mark off your progress, compare lists on music, books, movies, places, people and more. 1. 43 Things A true community among list makers. Get inspiration from others, document your progress, post and chat with others that have the same thing on their list. Want to learn to play the tin whistle? So do 61 other people. Want to lose 5 pounds? You've got 829 list companions with the same goal. Some lists are funny. Some inspirational. Some downright silly. Even if you don't make lists, it's fun to read.