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Photographs not snapshots

We had a terrifice program last night with famed photographer, Monte Nagler. Did you know he studied under Adam Ansel and was a close personal friend? Monte's eight great tips for turning snapshots into photographs were as follows: 1. Be aware of taking pictures using VERTICAL as well as horizontal. Most people, trees, buildings, etc. look better vertical. 2. Move in close. That can mean physically or with a zoom (in the case of wild, dangerous animals). Fill the frame with your subject for an "in your face" photo. 3. Place the main subject off center. It gives a much more interesting effect. 4. Add people to your photos. It gives a good perspective to backgrounds, buildings and objects of art. 5. Watch those backgrounds. Don't let a distracting background spoil your picture. . . expecially when photographing flowers. A well-placed sheet of black paper can make a flower really pop. 6. Frame your pictures. Look for tree branches, doorways, window frames, etc. to shoot through. 7. Use lead-in lines such as roads, sidewalks, rivers, etc. to lead your eye into a picture. 8. Pay attention to horizon lines - don't let them be crooked. Monte further says the kind of camera or film you use makes no difference. Get used to looking at the world with "square eyes" like a camera lens and you'll see amazing results. He will host an exhibit on Oct. 15 - Oct. 28 at the Barnes & Noble in West Bloomfield on Orchard Lake Road. The artist reception is Friday, Oct. 19 from 7 to 9:00. You get a chance to see some amazing photography by a really nice man, Monte Nagler.