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Did you know that database can help you get top news stories sorted by year with live news feeds hourly? Or that by clicking on Issues and Controversies, (one of the many tabs that run across the top portion of this database) you can choose a pro or a con from a list of hundreds of hot topics and get a summary of that point of view, such as stem cell research , performance enhancing substances or immigration? Articles on these topics may cover controversial treatments, side effects, political parties or platforms that support or don't support these issues, who or what agencies are supporting research or funding and how or why they are doing it. A special "By the Numbers" section will grant you statistics on that hot topic; for example, under Animal Testing, 29% of lab animals undergo testing that involves anesthesia and/or pain killers and, under Breast Cancer Research, 3 million U.S. women are currently affected by breast cancer. There are special feature topics such as Presidential Election Highlights From 1940-2004, a 2008 Presidential Election Guide, This Day in American History ( which lists notable historic occurrences by year), and Landmark Supreme Court Decisions. You can even read a foreign newspaper in the World Press Links section by choosing a country (many, but not all, are translated into English and are so designated). Find out what happened on your birthday by checking World News Digest 1940 to 1979 if your birthday is in this range, if not check World News Digest 1980 to present. Then, under "What Happenned That Day" (at the bottom of the left hand side-bar), click on the drop down menu to highlight the month, day and year of your birth. Click on the above link to begin searching today!