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Oh Baby! by Randi Reisfeld and H.B.Gilmour

Do you like realistic romance novels? If you do, this book is a must. IT's about two best friends from the small town of Shafton, Ohio. After the end of their senior year in high school. They want to do something different with their life. They want to go to Ohio State and not to Shafton-Oaks in the fall. Since Shafton is a really small town, they decide to go somewhere crazy. Abby decides to go to New York, she gets a job as a nanny. Jamie goes to famous L.A. to also be a nanny. See how their lives change from boring to classy and average to VIP. The two get caught up in the environment they are living in. They both meet interesting (and hott :) ) people. See their emotions change and their attitudes against different things turn around. Filled with juicy details, this romance filled summer book is a must