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Next Summer by Hailey Abbott

Like romance? This book is about three cousins who go to Pebble Beach every summer. All three have different situations. Beth has a perfect boyfriend, but he can't go to Pebble beach with her because of his job. Then, Beth starts hanging out with a really hot lifegaurd, she knows that she likes George (boyfriend) but why does she like it when the lifegaurd flirts with her? Then there's Ella, she's pretty, hot, gorgeous, EVERYTHING. She wants to find the right guy for her, not just a one time thing. See what happens when drama from the year before starts to repeat itself. Then there's Kelsi. Last year, after finding out that her boyfriend cheated on her, she's totally lost trust over guys. And she knows that Tim is not the right guy for her, but then why can't she keep her mind off of him? And why has her ex from last year come back to haunt her? Find out in Next Summer by Hailey Abbott