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Have Gun, Will Travel

Time for a nostalgia trip! The library has all episodes of the first three seasons (of six, from 1957-1963) of the Richard Boone western, Have Gun Will Travel. I checked out Season Two, Disc One and found a few surprises among some nice memories. What impressed me the most was how much story they could pack into a half-hour drama (something like 23 minutes without commercials). The writers for all six episodes were different, including one by Gene Roddenberry. And then there was Charles Bronson guesting in "The Man Who Wouldn't Talk." It's a Cyrano de Bergerac-like tale with Bronson not playing a tough guy, but instead a love-struck, tongue-tied rancher. At the close of each episode, I could almost hear my parents telling me it's time for bed, to which I would respond, "Aw, can't I stay up for Gunsmoke?"