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Listening Outside of Your Comfort Zone

I thought of headlining this blog entry, "Free Samples," but that might send the wrong message. What I want to tout is the wonderful opportunity that the library's music collection offers for people to step outside of their list of favorite performers and discover something new... and you can do it without having to buy CDs or purchase songs on the Internet. You just check CDs out from the library, try 'em and you'll probably find something you like. Of course, you can find your favorites here, too... Eric Clapton, Mark Knopfler, Joni MItchell, Arcade Fire, Harry Connick Jr, Kenny G, etc. But for every one that you've heard of, there are probably five that you haven't, like Blue Rodeo, Reckless Kelly, Jean-Luc Ponty, Bobby Bland, Rawlins Cross, Mickey Hart, Jane Monheit, Chet Baker and so on. All of them and others are deserving of a wider audience. They're here waiting... for you.