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Eco-Friendly Holiday Gifts

Before you get up at the crack of dawn on Friday to get the best holiday bargains, consider some of these environmentally friendly and readily available gifts for your family and friends. A pass to a state or metro park. You can even shop online at DNR Online Store. A state motor vehicle permit is only $24 and offers a year of fun and activity A bicycle tune up. Riding your bike instead of taking your car saves energy and has all kinds of environmental benefits. To make it an even better gift, offer to transport the bike to and from the shop A book on local bike and hiking trails or rivers that are kayak or canoe accessible. Throw in a guide to wildflowers, mammals or birds and you've got a complete wilderness exploration kit. For some suggestions, search our catalog or ask a librarian. The more you think about it, the more ideas you'll come up with. Post them here so we can be inspired!