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Musical Antidotes for Holiday Hecticism

Don't know what happened to the original post about holiday music, so here's a new one about songs that nicely counter the commerialism that surrounds the Christmas holiday season. The best ever: Timbuk 3's "All I Want for Christmas," with lines like "chestnuts roasting on the VCR" and "looks like World War III underneath the Christmas tree." Powerful song... and I've never heard it on the radio. Ever. Another good one is Deborah Holland's "It Only Comes Once a Year." Coincidentally, they're both included on a CD titled "Just in Time for Christmas," but I've seen Timbuk 3 on other holiday samplers, too. Two high energy cuts are Blink-182's "I Won't Be Home for Christmas" and the Reducers' "Nothing for Christmas." These are all songs that share the message that with the bombardment of commercials and advertisements, "enough is enough."