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Greening up your holidays

The December issue of Better Homes & Gardens has some great ideas for earth-friendly ways to celebrate the holidays. 1. Avoid Over-Gifting: stay away from the trendy stuff and consider a handmade gift. 2. Reuse Trimmings: save your bows and ribbons and other wrappings, like gift bags. 3. Cut Back on Cards: Send fewer cards, use recycled paper or e-cards. Reuse old cards to make gift tags or see page 96 and 97 for cute tags and recycled cards. 4. Rethink Wrappings: use fabric scraps, newspaper, grocery bags,etc. instead. 5. Ship Light: lightweight and small boxes cost less in terms of energy and petroleum to ship. 6. Replant: Buy a live tree and replant it for holiday memories. There are 6 more ideas on page 116 of the current Better Homes & Gardens issue. Look for it at the library.