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Michigan's Best Colleges

We can be proud of Michigan's schools! We are second in the nation in our public school ranking. 14 of our universities or colleges made the U.S. News and World Reports best colleges in 2008. For schools offering a Ph.d., University of Michigan is 25 in the nation, and Michigan State is 71. Of best liberal arts schools in the nation, Kalamazoo College ranks 67, Hope and Hillsdale rank 97, Albion and Calvin College rank 116. Of schools offering masters degrees, the best in the Midwest are (and Midwest means 12 states; Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Ohio, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin) U of M Dearborn at 23, U of D Mercy at 25, Lawrence Tech at 40, Grand Valley at 44 and Aquinas at 50. Of schools offering a Bachelor's Degree, Adrian College is 16 and Concordia College is 40. There are approximately 4,216 degree granting institutions in the U.S. (This does not include on-line schools.) This means that if you ranked a 116 on a scale that includes all colleges in the U.S., you are approximately in the top 2% of our nations schools, if you ranked around 42, you are in the top 1% or better than 99%. U of M Ann Arbor is better than 99% of all schools in the nation, Michigan State is better than between 98-99% of them, so is Kalamazoo College. Hope, Hillsdale, Albion and Calvin are better than between 97-98% of them. University of Michigan is the third ranked public or state school in the nation after University of California Berkeley and University of Virginia. It is tied with University of California Los Angeles. It is one of (those) three schools that are non-private but considered to be Ivy League. There are approximately 1,122 schools offering higher education degrees in the Midwest. Concerning the 12 states mentioned in the Midwest and schools that offer Masters Degrees, U of M Dearborn is better than 97.9% of them and U of D Mercy is better than 97.77%. Lawrence Tech. is better than 96.43%, Grand Valley is better than 96.07% and Aquinas better than 95.54% of them. Concerning the 12 Midwest states and schools that offer a Bachelor's Degree, Adrian is better than 98.57% of them and Concordia College in Ann Arbor, Michigan is better than 96.43%. These schools do a good job of selecting "serious about college" students. Michigan State has a 90% freshman retention rate and U. of M. Ann Arbor has a 96% freshman retention rate. 74% of students return to 4 year colleges in Michigan. 55% complete a bachelor's degree within 6 years. (Based on a 2006 survey: "Measuring Up: The National Report Card on Higher Education). Michigan received an A- in participation in college programs (attendance/enrollment), an F in our ability to pay (student borrowing is high and low priced colleges are not in abundance), a B in our college retention rate overall and an A- in our educational attainment. Considering our inability to pay, we are accomplishing great feats in achieving higher education. HOORAY FOR MICHIGAN!