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Gift Wrap Alternatives

Trying to find more environmentally-friendly ways to wrap your gifts? Consider a few of these: Use newspapers, especially pages that match the theme of your present--wrap the Michigan hoodie in paper from the Sports section or a cookbook in paper from the Food section. Make the box part of the present. For example, tuck a scarf inside a matching hat and embellish with a bow. Or use a new holiday-themed dish towel to wrap kitchen presents. A reusable decorative tin can hold homemade baked goods or use a small tin for jewelry or other small items. Decorate paper headed for the recyling bin with glitter glue and stamps to use as wrapping paper. Kids can use coloring book pages to wrap presents for grandparents. Fabric scraps look beautiful wrapped around a gift and tied with contrasting colors. Old sheet music can make an elegant wrap alternative. What other ideas do you have?