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From CES - Bill Gates' Last Day on the Job

Reporting from CES, where Bill Gates' gave his last keynote address to a packed house the night before the big show. Included was a video of what was billed as Gates' last day on the job (8/8/08). It's included about 1:15 into a YouTube video linked from above. I couldn't listen on the computer I'm using, so I hope it comes across as funny as it was here live. More seriously, from today's keynote from Panasonic head Toshihiro Sakamoto, watch for the Light Wall, a fantastic product now in prototype stage in Japan. Imagine a complete wall of your home, and you're able to decorate it with virtual... just about anything. Windows with changing scenes. Photos of your family. A large screen TV, which you can change dimensions simply by moving your hand... a foot wide, 12 feet wide, your choice. Internet surfing, again on as much of the wall as you like. Even a videophone conversation with a friend. The Living Wall also was mentioned in a session titled Ten Tech Trends You Probably Haven't Heard Of. Tried to take a tour of the John Lennon Educational Tour Bus, reportedly loaded with video and music hardware and software, but the media spent so much time on board that no opportunity was left for public tours today. Yoko Ono's presence probably had something to do with the delay, too. All for today. Maybe more when I get online again. Enjoy the video!