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News From CES Includes Unveiling of Zero-Emission Cadillac Concept Vehicle

Tuesday at CES was pretty exciting since I had never been present for the unveiling of *any* new vehicle, so there was GM's Rick Wagoner not only coming onstage in a Volt for his keynote presentation, but before he left, the Cadillac Provoq arrived, too. Check that link above for a Reuters story on the flashy, zero-emission luxury car. This was the first time that GM had given a keynote at the electronics extravaganza, but a first for CES, too, since it had not been the site for such an introduction. Much of the rest of Tuesday was spent at the Sandbox Summit, a series of presentations and panels dedicated to the topic of technology and children, tweens and teens. It's no secret that the kids are the "chief technical officers" in most households... not only how to connect all of the new products the parents bring home, but even giving advice on what mom and dad should be buying when it comes to picking from a wide array of models, makes and features. There were plenty of highlights, with John Davison being one. He used to review video and online games, but said he wanted to do more to help parents understand what's good and bad about some games. He started What They Like, a website billed as "The Video Games Guide for Parents." Up later this morning is the always popular "Last Gadget Standing," where ten highly reviewed products square off before a live,raucous audience and another for online voting to see which one people believe will be the "hot" product for 2008. Gotta go, now, I'm sure the line is forning for this session already!