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Spear of Destiny

What types of articles are in Religion Virtual Collection's Encyclopedia of the Unexplained? Articles about the history of what is mysterious, spooky and sacred, for one thing. Articles about the Holy Grail, Ark of the Covenant and the Spear of Destiny. Because it is close to Easter, I'll highlight the Spear of Destiny. The Spear of Destiny was the Roman lance that was thrust into Jesus and has long been venerated as a sacred object. It is also known as Longinus' Lance for the Roman soldier Longinus, who is said to have thrust it into Jesus side, producing water and not blood, thus ensuring He was dead. The Spear was in possession of the Holy Roman Emperors for years when they ruled the Empire and later became part of the Austrian Hapsburg Dynasty's treasure collection in Vienna, Austria. It was said that whoever possessed the spear would rule the world. Hitler was fascinated by this object and longed to own it. He used to visit the museum collection in his native Austria and enter into a trance state staring at the Spear for hours on end long before he became dictator of Nazi Germany. (Remember that Hitler was an unsuccessful artist, had pursued art as a college student and likewise was fascinated with art objects as well as those with God-like power or significance.) The Nazi regime sought treasures for material wealth but also sought to collect those objects they felt had occult significance or held mysterious power, such as the Ark of the Covenant (mentioned in Raiders of the Lost Ark), the Holy Grail, and this particular spear. Click on the link above to read how the Third Reich took possession of the Spear when annexing Austria in World War II's beginning and lost it hours before Hitler committed suicide in his Berlin bunker with Germany reduced to ruins. This article covers other objects with sacred power, such as the Holy Grail, Ark of the Covenant and the Shroud of Turin, before it arrives at the subtopic "Spear of Destiny", which is near the end of the article.