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Survival Stories


For 2nd-4th grade girls

All books are shelved in J Easy Fiction or J Paperback

Fleischman, Paul Lost!: A Story in String
Osborne, Mary Pope Tonight on the Titanic
Shaw, Janet Beeler Kaya's Escape

For 4th-6th grade girls

All books are shelved in J Fiction or J Paperback

Bledsoe, Lucy Jane Tracks in the Snow
Brandis, Marianne The Tinderbox
Casanova, Mary When Eagles Fall
Cushman, Karen Rodzina
Duey, Kathleen Survival!
Fama, Elizabeth Overboard
Fields, Terri Missing in the Mountains
George, Jean Craighead Julie of the Wolves
George, Jean Craighead Julie's Wolf Pack
Giff, Patricia Reilly Nory Ryan's Song
Kehret, Peg The Secret Journey
Myers, Anna Stolen by the Sea
Myers, Edward Climb or Die
Neale, Jonathan Lost at Sea
O'Dell, Scott Island of the Blue Dolphins
Orr, Wendy Nim's Island
Pennac, Daniel Dog
Sedgwick, Marcus Floodland
Turnbull, Ann Maroo of the Winter Caves
Vos, Ida Anna Is Still Here

For 2nd-4th grade boys

All books are shelved in J Easy Fiction or J Paperback

Kessler, Cristina Jubela
Osborne, Mary Pope Tonight on the Titanic

For 4th-6th grade boys

All books are shelved in J Fiction or J Paperback

Clements, Andrew A Week in the Woods
Collier, James Lincoln Wild Boy
Cowley, Joy Hunter
Crisp, Marty White Star: A Dog on the Titanic
Crook, Connie Brummel The Perilous Year
Defoe, Daniel Robinson Crusoe
Duey, Kathleen Survival!
George, Jean Craighead My Side of the Mountain
George, Jean Craighead Tree Castle Island
Hahn, Mary Downing Hear the Wind Blow
Hobbs, Will The Maze
Hyde, Dayton O. Island of the Loons
Hyland, Hilary The Wreck of the Ethie
Kehret, Peg Earthquake Terror
Kehret, Peg Escaping the Giant Wave
Korman, Gordon Everest
Korman, Gordon Island
Lawrence, Iain The Wreckers
McKay, Sharon E. Charlie Wilcox
Morgan, Clay The Boy Who Spoke Dog
Morpurgo, Michael Kensuke's Kingdom
Murphy, Jim The Journal of Brian Doyle: A Greenhorn on an Alaskan Whaling Ship
Napoli, Donna Jo North
Orlev, Uri Run, Boy, Run
Paulsen, Gary Hatchet
Paulsen, Gary The River
Paulsen, Gary Brian's Winter
Paulsen, Gary Brian's Return
Sachar, Louis Holes
Sachar, Louis Stanley Yelnats' Survival Guide to Camp Green Lake
Shahan, Sherry Frozen Stiff
Sperry, Armstrong Call It Courage
Verne, Jules The Mysterious Island
Wilson, John Flames of the Tiger

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