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Poetry Books

The frogs wore red suspenders by rhymes by Jack Prelutsky ; pictures by Petra Mathers

A world of wonders : geographic travels in verse and rhyme by J. Patrick Lewis ; pictures by Alison Jay

Hoofbeats, claws, and rippled fins : creature poems by edited by Lee Bennett Hopkins ; art by Stephen Alcorn

If I were in charge, the rules would be different by James Proimos

Hiawatha and Megissogwon by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow ; illustrated by Jeffrey Thompson ; afterword by Joseph Bruchac

Corn-fed by poems by James Stevenson ; with illustrations by the author

My kingdom for a horse : an anthology of poems about horses by edited by Betty Ann Schwartz ; illustrated by Alix Berenzy

Monster museum by Marilyn Singer ; illustrations by Gris Grimly

The burger and the hot dog by written by Jim Aylesworth ; illustrated by Stephen Gammell

Sometimes I wonder if poodles like noodles by written by Laura Numeroff ; illustrated by Tim Bowers

Stepping out with Grandma Mac by Nikki Grimes ; illustrated by Angelo

Hello school! : a classroom full of poems by Dee Lillegard ; illustrated by Don Carter

Big, bad, and a little bit scary : poems that bite back! by illustrated by Wade Zahares

The Moon & Riddles Diner and the Sunnyside Cafe by Nancy Willard ; illustrated by Chris Butler

Lunch box mail and other poems by Jenny Whitehead

Awful Ogre's awful day by Jack Prelutsky ; pictures by Paul O. Zelinsky

Bubblegum delicious by poems by Dennis Lee ; pictures by David McPhail

A rumpus of rhymes : a book of noisy poems by Bobbi Katz ; illustrated by Susan Estelle Kwas

You read to me, I'll read to you : very short fairy tales to read together [(in which wolves are tamed, trolls are transformed, and peas are triumphant)] by Mary Ann Hoberman ; illustrated by Michael Emberly

Good mousekeeping : and other animal home poems by J. Patrick Lewis ; illustrated by Lisa Desimini

Dirty laundry pile : poems in different voices by selected by Paul B. Janeczko ; illustrated by Melissa Sweet

Lizards, frogs, and polliwogs : poems and paintings by Douglas Florian

Toasting marshmallows : camping poems by Kristine O'Connell George ; illustrated by Kate Kiesler

Goal by Robert Burleigh ; illustrated by Stephen T. Johnson

Tie your socks and clap your feet : mixed up poems by Lenny Hort ; illustrated by Stephen Kroninger

A burst of firsts : doers, shakers, and record breakers by J. Patrick Lewis ; pictures by Brian Ajhar

Love to mamá : a tribute to mothers by edited by Pat Mora ; illustrated by Paula S. Barragón

A poke in the I : a collection of concrete poems by selected by Paul B. Janeczko ; illustrated by Chris Raschka

Let's count the raindrops by illustrated by Fumi Kosaka

I can draw a weeposaur and other dinosaurs : poems by Eloise Greenfield ; pictures by Jan Spivey Gilchrist

Color me a rhyme : nature poems for young people by Jane Yolen ; photographs by Jason Stemple

Rim shots : basketball pix, rolls, and rhythms by Charles R. Smith, Jr

We the people : poems by Bobbi Katz ; illustrations by Nina Crews

My America : a poetry atlas of the United States by selected by Lee Bennett Hopkins ; illustrated by Stephen Alcorn

There's a zoo in room 22 by Judy Sierra ; illustrated by Barney Saltzberg

Cornflakes : poems by James Stevenson with illustrations by the author

Dinosaurs forever by William Wise ; pictures by Lynn Munsinger

Knock at a star : a child's introduction to poetry by [compiled by] X.J. Kennedy and Dorothy M. Kennedy ; illustrated by Karen Lee Baker

When the rain sings : poems by young Native Americans by National Museum of the American Indian, Smithsonian Institution

Child's calendar by John Updike ; illustrated by Trina Schart Hyman

Spectacular science : a book of poems by selected by Lee Bennett Hopkins ; illustrated by Virginia Halstead

I am the cat by Alice Schertle ; illustrated by Mark Buehner

Riddle road : puzzles in poems and pictures by Elizabeth Spires ; illustrated by Erik Blegvad

Relatively speaking : poems about family by Ralph Fletcher ; illustrated by Walter Lyon Krudop

Insect soup : bug poems by Barry Louis Polisar ; illustrations by David Clark

Very best (almost) friends : poems of friendship by collected by Paul B. Janeczko ; illustrated by Christine Davenier

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