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Mysteries: Detectives, Spies, Criminals, & Solve-It-Yourself

Location Author Title


JCD-ROM J793.7 F   Freddi Fish 5: the case of the creature of coral cove
JCD-ROM J793.7 S   SPY Fox "operation ozone"
JCD-ROM J972.01 M   The mystery of the Mayan treasure
JCD-ROM J793.932 N   Nancy Drew : the final scene
JCD-ROM J794 C   A case for Cap & Co : dog-napping in Roseborough
JCD-ROM S   The smelly mystery: starring Mercer Mayer's Little Monster Private Eye


Location Author Title
J DVD Feature Film A   Anastasia
J DVD Feature Film A   Atlantis: The Lost Empire
J DVD Feature Film C   Chip 'n' Dale Rescue Rangers
J DVD Feature Film D   Danger Mouse: TV Series
J DVD Feature Film D   Ducktales: TV Series
J DVD Feature Film G   Get a Clue (Based on The Westing Game)
J DVD Feature Film G   The Great Mouse Detective
J DVD Feature Film H   Harriet the Spy
J DVD Feature Film H   Holes
J DVD Feature Film H   Hoodwinked
J DVD Feature Film I   Inspector Gadget Films
J DVD Feature Film M   The Great Muppet Caper
J DVD Feature Film P   The Pink Panther Classic Cartoon Collection
J DVD Feature Film S   Scooby Doo
J DVD Feature Film S   Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over
J DVD Feature Film S   Spymate
J DVD Feature Film T   That Darn Cat!
J DVD Feature Film W   Wallace and Grommit: Curse of the Were-Rabbit

Picture Books

Location Author Title
J Picture Book CUS Cushman, Doug The Mystery of King Karfu
J Picture Book DEP de Paola, Tomie Bill and Pete go Down the Nile
J Picture Book GAR Garland, Michael Mystery Mansion: A Look Again Book
J Picture Book HAN Handford, Martin Where's Waldo?
J Picture Book HOB Hoban, Tana Look Book
J Picture Book LAS Lass, Bonnie Who Took the Cookies from the Cookie Jar?
J Picture Book LEV Levy, Elizabeth Something Queer at the Library
J Picture Book MAR Marzollo, Jean I Spy, a Book of Picture Riddles
J Picture Book MAY Mayhew, James Secret in the Garden: A Peek-Through Book
J Picture Book NUM Numeroff, Laura Joffe Why a Disguise?
J Picture Book PAL Palatini, Margie The Web Files
J Picture Book ROT Rotner, Shelley Parts
J Picture Book SES Williams, Greg The Case of the Missing Hat: Starring Jim Henson's Muppets
J Picture Book TAF Tafuri, Nancy Have You Seen My Duckling?
J Picture Book WAL Walsh, Ellen Stoll Dot and Jabber and the Big Bug Mystery
J Picture Book WRI Wright, Betty Ren Pet Detectives!
J Picture Book YOL Yolen, Jane Piggins

Illustrated Fiction

Location Author Title
J Illustrated Fiction Base, Graeme The Eleventh Hour: A Curious Mystery
J Illustrated Fiction Gosling, Gabby The Top Secret Files of Mother Goose
J Illustrated Fiction Hunter, Sara Hoagland The Unbreakable Code
J Illustrated Fiction Teague, Mark Detective LaRue: Letters from the Investigation
J Illustrated Fiction Wisniewski, David Tough Cookie
J Illustrated Fiction Yolen, Jane The Wolf Girls: An Unsolved Mystery from History
J Illustrated Fiction Noble, Trinka Hakes The Scarlet Stockings Spy

Books for Beginning Readers

Location Author Title
J Reader ADL Adler, David Bones and the Cupcake Mystery
J Reader BON Bonsall, Crosby The Case of the Cat's Meow
J Reader CAZ Cazet, Denys Case of the Missing Jelly Donut
J Reader CUS Cushman, Doug Aunt Eater Loves a Mystery
J Reader DEC Leber, Nancy Case of the Missing Backpack
J Reader HAL Hall, Katy Mummy Riddles
J Reader RAU Rau, Dana Meachen The Secret Code
J Reader RYL Rylant, Cynthia The High-Rise Private Eyes (series)

Beginning Chapter Books

Location Author Title
J Easy Fiction Bauer Bauer, Marion Dane The Blue Ghost
J Easy Fiction Child Child, Lauren Utterly Me, Clarice Bean
J Easy Fiction Christian Christian, Mary Blount Sebastian (Super Sleuth) (series)
J Easy Fiction Conford Conford, Ellen A Case for Jenny Archer
J Easy Fiction Giff Giff, Patricia Reilly Kidnap at the Catfish Café
J Easy Fiction Greene Greene, Stephanie Owen Foote, Super Spy
J Easy Fiction Joosse Joosse, Barbara M. Ghost Trap: A Wild Willie Mystery
J Easy Fiction Landon Landon, Lucinda Meg Mackintosh (series)
J Easy Fiction May May, Kyla Kayla May Miss. Behaves as an International Super Spy
J Easy Fiction McCall Smith Smith, Alexander McCall Max and Maddy and the Bursting Balloons Mystery
J Easy Fiction Moss Moss, Marissa Emma's Journal
J Easy Fiction Napoli Napoli, Donna Jo Sly the Sleuth (series)
J Easy Fiction Roy Roy, Ron Capital Mysteries (series)
J Easy Fiction Sobol Sobol, Donald J. Encyclopedia Brown Mysteries (series)
J Easy Fiction Stanley Stanley, George Edward Adam Sharp Books (series)
J Easy Fiction Stanley Stanley, George Edward Third Grade Detectives (series)
J Easy Fiction Totally Cerasini, Marc A. The School of Mandy (Totally Spies series)
J Easy Fiction Van Draanen Van Draanen, Wendelin Shredderman (series)
J Easy Fiction Whybrow Whybrow, Ian Little Wolf, Forest Detective

Chapter Books

Location Author Title
J Fiction Abela Abela, Deborah Spy Force (series)
J Fiction Abrahams Abrahams, Peter Behind the Curtain - An Echo Falls Mystery
J Fiction Anderson Anderson, M.T. The Clue of the Linoleum Lederhosen
J Fiction Avi Avi Windcatcher
J Fiction Baglio Baglio, Ben M. Dolphin Diaries (series)
J Fiction Bailey Bailey, Linda Stevie Diamond (series)
J Fiction Balliett Balliett, Blue Chasing Vermeer
J Fiction Balliett Balliett, Blue The Wright 3
J Fiction Barba Barba, Rick Spy Gear Adventures (series)
J Fiction Bellairs Bellairs, John The House with a Clock in its Walls
J Fiction Bellairs Bellairs, John and Brad Strickland The Drum, the Doll and the Zombie
J Fiction Bellairs Bellairs, John and Brad Strickland The Ghost in the Mirror
J Fiction Bial Bial, Raymond Shadow Island: A Tale of Lake Superior
J Fiction Bossley Bossley, Michele Martin Swiped
J Fiction Brett Brett, Simon The Three Detectives and the Knight in Armor
J Fiction Broach Broach, Elise Shakespeare's Secret
J Fiction Brooks Brooks, Walter Freddy the Detective
J Fiction Brouwer Brouwer, Sigmund Accidental Detectives (series)
J Fiction Brown Brown, Jeremy Crime Files: Four-Minute Forensic Mysteries Books 1 and 2
J Fiction Bunting Bunting, Eve Coffin on a Case
  Author varies (see catalog)

The Lady Grace Mysteries (series)

J Fiction Byars Byars, Betsy Cromer Herculeah Jones Mystery (series)
J Fiction Cameron Cameron, Vicki More Clue Mysteries: 15 More Whodunits
J Fiction Capeci Capeci, Anne Cascade Mountain Railroad Mysteries (series)
J Fiction Casanova Casanova, Mary To Catch a Burglar
J Fiction Chatterton Chatterton, Martin Bad Dog Goes Barktastic!
J Fiction Colfer (on order) Colfer, Eoin Half Moon Investigations
J Fiction Corbett Corbett, Sue 12 Again
J Fiction Craig Craig, Joe Jimmy Coates, Assassin?
J Fiction Crossman Crossman, D.A. Mystery of the Black Moriah
J Fiction Crowley Crowley, Bridget Feast of Fools
J Fiction Curtis Curtis, Christopher Paul Mr. Chickee's Funny Money
J Fiction Dale Dale, Anna Dawn Undercover
J Fiction Delaney Delaney, M.C. Deep Doo-Doo
J Fiction Denenberg Denenberg, Barry Atticus of Rome: Rome 62 B.C.
J Fiction Disney Disney Kim Possible (series)
J Fiction Doyle Doyle, Arthur Conan The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
J Fiction Emerson Emerson, Scott Case of the Cat with the Missing Ear
J Fiction Enderle Enderle, Dotti Fortune Teller's Club (series)
J Fiction Erickson Erickson, John R. Hank the Cowdog (series)
J Fiction Falcone Falcone, L.M. Mysterious Mummer
J Fiction Fardell Fardell, John The Flight of the Silver Turtle
J Fiction Fitzhugh Fitzhugh, Louise Harriet the Spy
J Fiction Frederick Frederick, Heather Vogel Spy Mice (series)
J Fiction Frederick Frederick, Heather Vogel The Black Paw
J Fiction George George, Jean Craighead Firebug Connection: An Ecological Mystery
J Fiction George George, Jean Craighead The Case of the Missing Cutthroats: An Ecological Mystery
J Fiction Griffis Griffis, Molly Levite The Rachel Resistance
J Fiction Haas Haas, Jessie Chase
J Fiction Haddix Haddix, Margaret Running Out of Time
J Fiction Hahn Hahn, Mary Downing The Dead Man in Indian Creek
J Fiction Hale Hale, Bruce Chet Gecko Mysteries (series)
J Fiction Hale Hale, Shannon River Secrets
J Fiction Hamilton Hamilton, Virginia The House of Dies Drear
J Fiction Harlow Harlow, Joan Hiatt Midnight Rider
J Fiction Harris Harris, Christine Undercover Girl Mysteries (series)
J Fiction Harvey Harvey, Gill Orphan of the Sun
J Fiction Hautman Hautman, Pete Snatched (The Bloodwater Mysteries)
J Fiction Heisel Heisel, Sharon E. Wrapped in a Riddle
J Fiction Higson, YA Fiction Higson Higson, Charles SilverFin: A James Bond Adventure
J Fiction Hildick Hildick, E.W. The Case of the Desperate Drummer: A McGurk Mystery
J Fiction Hildick Hildick, E.W. The Purloined Corn Popper
J Fiction Hitchcock Hitchcock, Alfred Alfred Hitchcock's Solve-Them-Yourself Mysteries
J Fiction Holm Holm and Hamel Stink Files Dossier (series)
J Fiction Honness Honness, Elizabeth Hoffman Mystery of the Auction Trunk
J Fiction Hoobler Hoobler, Dorothy Samurai Mystery (series)
J Fiction Horowitz Horowitz, Anthony Three of Diamonds: Three Diamond Brothers Mysteries
J Fiction Horowitz YA Fiction Hor Horowitz, Anthony Stormbreaker
J Fiction Howe Howe, Deborah and James Bunnicula: A Rabbit Tale of Mystery
J Fiction Howe Howe, James Dew Drop Dead: A Sebastian Barth Mystery
J Fiction Hurst Hurst, Carol Otis A Killing in Plymouth Colony
J Fiction Ives Ives, David Monsieur Eek
J Fiction Jennings Jennings, Richard W. Mystery in Mt. Mole
J Fiction Johns Johns, Linda Hannah West (series)
J Fiction Johnson Johnson, Rodney The Secret of Dead Man's Mine: A Rinnah Two Feathers Mystery
J Fiction Karr Karr, Kathleen The 7th Knot
J Fiction Kehret Kehret, Peg Terror at the Zoo
J Fiction Klise Klise, Kate Trial by Journal
J Fiction Lalicki Lalicki, Tom Danger in the Dark: A Houdini and Nate Mystery
J Fiction Lerangis Lerangis, Peter Proof Positive
J Fiction Levin Levin, Betty Shadow-Catcher
J Fiction MacGregor MacGregor, Roy Screech Owls (series)
J Fiction Mah Mah, Adeline Yen Chinese Cinderella and the Secret Dragon Society
J Fiction Marsh Marsh, Carol Carol Marsh Mysteries (series)
J Fiction McGraw McGraw, Eloise Jarvis Mara: Daughter of the Nile
J Fiction Mitchell Mitchell, Marianne Firebug
J Fiction Mowll Mowll, Joshua Operation Typhoon Shore
J Fiction Myers Myers, Bill Bloodhounds, Inc. (series)
J Fiction Newman Newman, Robert The Case of the Baker Street Irregular
J Fiction Obrist Obrist, Jurg Case Closed: 40 Mini-Mysteries for You to Solve
J Fiction Obrist Obrist, Jurg Complex Cases: Three Major Mysteries for You to Solve
J Fiction Obrist Obrist, Jurg Open and Shut Cases: 40 More Mini-Mysteries for you to Solve
J Fiction Panagopoulos Panagopolous, Janie Lynn Madame Cadillac's Ghost: A Great Lakes Adventure in History & Mystery
J Fiction Perlman Perlman, Rhea Otto Undercover Books (series)
J Fiction Peters Peters, Stephanie True Princess Natasha Books (series)
J Fiction Pinkwater Pinkwater, Daniel Looking for Bobowicz: A Hoboken Chicken Story
J Fiction Potter Potter, Ellen Pish Posh
J Fiction Raskin Raskin, Ellen The Westing Game
J Fiction Richards Richards, Justin The Invisible Detective (series)
J Fiction Richler Richler, Mordecai Jacob Two-Two's First Spy Case
J Fiction Roberts Roberts, Willo Davis View from the Cherry Tree
J Fiction Scrimger Scrimger, Richard From Charlie's Point of View
J Fiction Seabrooke Seabrooke, Brenda Haunting of Swain's Fancy
J Fiction Shipton Shipton, Paul Bug Muldoon: The Garden of Fear
J Fiction Simmons Simmons, Alex The Raven League. Sherlock Holmes is Missing
J Fiction Skurzynski Skurzynski, Gloria Mysteries in Our National Parks (series)
J Fiction Smith Smith, Roland Cryptid Hunter
J Fiction Sobol Sobol, Donald J. Two-Minute Mysteries
J Fiction Springer Springer, Nancy The Case of the Left-Handed Lady: An Enola Holmes Mystery
J Fiction Springer Springer, Nancy The Case of the Missing Marquess: An Enola Holmes Mystery
J Fiction Spy Kaemon, Amy Court Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over
J Fiction Spy Lenhard, Elizabeth Spy Kids Adventures (series)
J Fiction Stanley Stanley, Diane Mysterious Matter of I.M. Fine
J Fiction Stenhouse Stenhouse, Ted Murder on the Ridge
J Fiction Stephens Stephens, Mary Jo Witch of the Cumberlands
J Fiction Stewart Stewart, Trenton Lee The Mysterious Benedict Society
J Fiction Strasser Strasser, Todd Y2K-9: Dog Who Saved the World
J Fiction Strickland Strickland, Brad House Where Nobody Lived
J Fiction Sukach Sukach, Jim Elliott's Talking Dog and other Quicksolve Mini-Mysteries
J Fiction Umansky Umansky, Kaye Solomon Snow and the Stolen Jewel
J Fiction Van Draanen Van Draanen, Wendelin Sammy Keyes Mysteries (series)
J Fiction Voigt YA Paperback Voigt, Cynthia The Callender Papers
J Fiction Wade Wade, Rebecca The Theft and the Miracle
J Fiction Wallace Wallace, Bill Danger in Quicksand Swamp
J Fiction Wallace Wallace, Bill Trapped in Death Cave
J Fiction Williams Williams, Laura Mystic Lighthouse Mysteries (series)
J Fiction Winterfield Winterfeld, Henry Detectives in Togas
J Fiction Woodruff Woodruff, Elvira Ghost of Lizard Light
J Fiction Wright Wright, Betty Ren Crandall's Castle
J Fiction Wright Wright, Betty Ren The Dollhouse Murders
J Fiction Wright Wright, Betty Ren Too Many Secrets
J Fiction Yep Yep, Lawrence The Case of the Goblin Pearls: Chinatown Mystery 1

Mysteries Shelved as Series

Location Author Title
J Series A Roy, Ron A to Z Mysteries
J Series A Roy, Ron American Girl Mysteries
J Series A Roy, Ron Minute Mysteries
J Series B Warner, Gertrude Chandler Boxcar Children Mysteries
J Series C Adler, David A. Cam Jansen (series)
J Series H Dixon, Franklin W. The Hardy Boys (series)
J Series J Preller, James Jigsaw Jones Mysteries
J Series N Keene, Carolyn Nancy Drew Mysteries

Non-Fiction Books about mysteries, spies and forensic science

Location Author Title
J 001.94 D Dolan, Edward, F. The Bermuda Triangle, and Other Mysteries of Nature
J 001.94 T Townsend, John Mysteries of Body and Mind
J 363.25 J Jackson, Donna M. The Bone Detectives: How Forensic Anthropologists Solve Crimes and Uncover Mysteries of the Dead
J 363.25 M Meltzer, Milton Case Closed: The Real Scoop on Detective Work
J 363.258 RAI Rainis, Kenneth G. Fingerprints: Crime Solving Science Experiments
J 363.28 K Kallner, Donna Jackson The Wildlife Detectives: How Forensic Scientists Fight Crimes Against Nature
J 363.289 B Brezina, Thomas Tips and Tricks for Junior Detectives
J 398.2 SHA Shannon, George Stories to Solve: Folktales from around the World
J 500 OXL Oxlade, Chris The Mystery of Crop Circles
J 569.67 G Giblin, James The Mystery of the Mammoth Bones: And How it was Solved
J 646.478 W Wilkes, Angela Dazzling Disguises and Clever Costumes
J 652.8 J Janeczko, Paul B. Top Secret: A Handbook of Codes, Ciphers and Secret Writing
J 652.8 M Mango, Karin N. Codes, Ciphers and Other Secrets
J 751.58 N Nilsen, Anna Art Fraud Detective
J 792.096 B Barwell, Eve Disguises You Can Make
J 793.7 E Everett, Felicity The Clumsy Crocodile
J 793.73 T Travis, Falcon Super Sleuth: Mini-Mysteries for You to Solve
J 973.4 G Griffin, Judith Berry Phoebe the Spy
J Biography Berg Andryszewski, Tricia The Amazing Life of Moe Berg: Catcher, Scholar, Spy
J Biography Pinkerton Green, Carl R. Allan Pinkerton
J Biography Washington Allen, Thomas B. George Washington, Spymaster