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Books with Many Explorers

The encyclopedia of explorers and adventurers by written by Justine Ciovacco

Exploring the New World by Rebecca Stefoff

The Viking explorers by Jim Gallagher

Exploring the polar regions by Jen Green; [illustrated by] David Antram

Explorers of the ancient world by Anthony Brierley

Explorers who got lost by Diane Sansevere-Dreher

Around the world in a hundred years: from Henry the Navigator to Magellan by Jean Fritz; illustrated by Anthony Bacon Venti

Conquerors and explorers by written by Stewart Ross; illustrated by McRae Books

Five brave explorers by Wade Hudson; illustrated by Ron Garnett

Exploring North America by Jacqueline Morley; [illustrated by] David Antram

Exploring the world by Fiona Macdonald, Gerald Wood

Explorers of the ancient world by Charnan Simon

Explorers: expeditions and pioneers by written by Fiona Macdonald; created & designed by David Salariya

The world's greatest explorers by William Scheller; foreword by Robert D. Ballard

Explorer by written by Rupert Matthews; [special photography, James Stevenson ... et al.]

Trailblazers by written by Harriet Upton; illustrated by Luciano Lazzarino; edited by Arlene C. Rourke

The Age of exploration: Marco Polo, Christopher Columbus, Hernan Cortes

Explorers by Dennis Fradin

Great explorers [by] Joyce Grosseck [and] Elizabeth Attwood by Grosseck, Joyce C

Explorers By Name

Boyd, Louise Arner

Louise Arner Boyd, Arctic explorer by Durlynn Anema

Byrd, Admiral

Black whiteness: Admiral Byrd alone in the Antarctic by Robert Burleigh; illustrated by Walter Lyon Krudop

Cabot, John

John Cabot by Tanya Larkin

John Cabot by John Malam

John Cabot and his son Sebastian. Illustrated by William Stobbs by Syme, Ronald, 1910-

Cabot, Sebastian

John Cabot and his son Sebastian. Illustrated by William Stobbs by Syme, Ronald, 1910-

Cartier, Jacques

Cartier: Jacques Cartier in search of the Northwest Passage by Jean F. Blashfield

The voyages of Jacques Cartier by Richard Humble

Champlain, Samuel D.

The travels of Samuel de Champlain by Joanne Mattern; illustrated by Patrick O'Brien

Columbus, Christopher

A picture book of Christopher Columbus by David A. Adler; illustrated by John and Alexandra Wallner

Christopher Columbus by Stephen Krensky; illustrated by Norman Green

Columbus and the world around him by Milton Meltzer

Discovering Christopher Columbus: how history is invented by Kathy Pelta

Christopher Columbus and the discovery of America by Robert Young; pictures by Arvis Stewart

The voyages of Columbus, 1492-1504 / by Camusso, Lorenzo

Christopher Columbus and the first voyages to the New World by Steven Dodge; introductiory essay by Michael Collins

The voyage of Columbus by Rupert Matthews

If you were there in 1492 by Barbara Brenner

The voyages of Columbus by Ken Hills; illustrated by Paul Wright and others

The voyages of Columbus by Richard Humble; illustrated by Richard Hook

I, Columbus: my journal - 1492-3 by edited by Peter and Connie Roop; illustrated by Peter E. Hanson

Christopher Columbus by R. Conrad Stein

Cook, Captain

Captain Cook: the great ocean explorer by Haydn Middleton; illustrated by Alan Marks

James Cook by Zachary Kent

The voyages of Captain Cook by Dorothy and Thomas Hoobler

The remarkable voyages of Captain Cook by Rhoda Blumberg

Coronado, Francisco

Francisco Coronado and the exploration of the American Southwest by Hal Marcovitz

Cortes, Hernan

Hernan Cortes by Dennis Wepman

DeSoto, Hernando

Hernando de Soto by Robert Carson

De Soto: Hernando de Soto explores the Southeast by Ann Heinrichs; content adviser, Maria Concepcion; social science adviser, Sherry L. Field; reading adviser, Linda D. Labbo

Eric the Red

Eric the Red: the Viking adventurer by Neil Grant; illustrated by Victor Ambrus

Eriksson, Leif

Leif Eriksson: Norwegian explorer by Cynthia Klingel and Robert B. Noyed

Fremont, John

John C. Frémont: soldier and pathfinder by William R. Sanford & Carl R. Green

Gama, Vasco da

Vasco da Gama: the Portuguese quest for a sea route from Europe to India by Allison Stark Draper

Vasco da Gama by David Knight; illustrated by George Sottung

Vasco da Gama, sailor toward the sunrise. Illustrated by William Stobbs by Syme, Ronald, 1910-

A long and uncertain journey: the 27,000 mile voyage of Vasco da Gama by Joan Elizabeth Goodman; illustrated by Tom McNeely

The voyages of Vasco da Gama by Richard Humble; illustrated by Doug Harker

Henry, Prince

Prince Henry, the navigator: pioneer of modern exploration by Aileen Gallagher

Henson, Matthew

Matthew Henson by Ann Graham Gaines

Matthew Henson by Michael Gilman

Matthew Henson by Jan Gleiter and Kathleen Thompson

Matthew Henson, polar adventurer by Jean Kinney Williams

Heyerdahl, Thor

Thor Heyerdahl by John Malam

Hudson, Henry

Beyond the sea of ice: the voyages of Henry Hudson by Joan Elizabeth Goodman; illustrated by Fernando Rangel; with maps by Bette Duke

Kingsley, Mary

Uncommon traveler: Mary Kingsley in Africa by written and illustrated by Don Brown

Lewis and Clark

Sacagawea: westward with Lewis and Clark by Alana J. White

Meriwether Lewis and William Clark by Christine A. Fitz -Gerald

A picture book of Lewis and Clark by David A. Adler; illustrated by Ronald Himler

The back of beyond: a story about Lewis and Clark by Andy Russell Bowen; illustrations by Ralph L. Ramstad

Lewis and Clark: American explorers by Arlene Bourgeois Molzahn

Across America: the story of Lewis & Clark by written by Jacqueline Morley; illustrated by David Antram; created and designed by David Salariya

Dog of discovery: a Newfoundland's adventures with Lewis and Clark by Laurence Pringle; [illustrated by Meryl Henderson]

Livingstone, David

David Livingstone by Frances Freedman

Mackenzie, Alexander

Alexander Mackenzie and the explorers of Canada by Georgia Xydes

Magellan, Ferdinand

Ferdinand Magellan: opening the door to world exploration by Isaac Asimov

The travels of Ferdinand Magellan by Joanne Mattern

The first ships around the world by W. D. Brownlee

The voyage of Magellan by Richard Humble; illustrated by Richard Hook

The first voyage around the world by Roger Coote; illustrated by Tony Smith

Ferdinand Magellan and the discovery of the world ocean by Rebecca Stefoff

Marquette and Jolliet

Jacques Marquette and Louis Jolliet by Jeff Donaldson- Forbes

Jolliet and Marquette: explorers of the Mississippi River by Daniel E. Harmon

Peary, Robert

Robert E. Peary: to the top of the world by Patricia Calvert

The race for the North Pole and Robert Peary in world history by Karen Clemens Warrick

Pizzaro, Francisco

Pizarro, conqueror of Peru by William Jay Jacobs

Francisco Pizarro by Ruth Manning

Polo, Marco

Marco Polo: Marco Polo and the Silk Road to China by Michael Burgan; content adviser, Heather Clydesdale; social science adviser, Sherry L. Field; reading adviser, Linda D. Labbo

Marco Polo: to China and back by Steven Otfinoski

The travels of Marco Polo by Richard Humble; illustrated by Richard Hook

Ponce de Leon, Juan

Juan Ponce de León by Sean Dolan

Juan Ponce de Leon and the search for the Fountain of Youth by Dan Harmon

Ponce de Leon: Juan Ponce de Leon searches for the fountain of youth by Ann Heinrichs; content adviser, Maria Concepcion; social science adviser, Sherry L. Field; reading adviser, Linda D. Labbo

Raleigh, Walter, Sir

Sir Walter Ralegh and the quest for El Dorado by Marc Aronson

Sir Walter Raleigh: English explorer and author by Susan Korman; Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr., senior consulting editor

Serra, Junipero

Junípero Serra by Sean Dolan

Shackleton, Ernest

Trial by ice: a photobiography of Sir Ernest Shackleton by K.M. Kostyal

Ice story: Shackleton's lost expedition by Elizabeth Cody Kimmel

Spirit of Endurance: [the true story of the Shackleton Expedition to the Antarctic] by Jennifer Armstrong; illustrated by William Maughan

Sea of ice: the wreck of the Endurance by Monica Kulling; illustrated by John Edens

Smith, John

John Smith: English explorer and colonist by Tara Baukus Mello; Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr. senior consulting editor

Steger, Will

Over the top of the world: explorer Will Steger's trek across the Arctic by Will Steger with Jon Bowermaster; sidebars by Barbara Horlbeck