The environment is important to Canton Public Library and the Canton community. Canton Green Resources include:

Canton Green Resources

Save $, Energy, and More

  • Alliance to Save Energy — offers information to help you save money, increase comfort, and reduce pollution through energy efficiency
  • Canton Farmers Market — a variety of home-grown foods and hand-made goods
  • GreenerThinking — environmental articles and tips on how to save the environment and some cash along the way
  • RideShare — free carpool and vanpool matching service that links commuters in Michigan

Environmental Information

  • Cloud Institute for Sustainability Education — Inspires young people to think about how their actions influence the world
  • Drinking Water Dashboard — The dashboard provides an overview of the Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) regulatory activities of Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the implementing states, tribes, and territories.
  • Driving Green — Learn how to improve your fuel economy with these eco-friendly tips
  • Eco-Labels — find out what the labels on consumer products really mean
  • EcoGeek — explores the symbiosis between nature and technology
  • Eco20/20 — energy informational website. The site also has a link to a green career guide that has information about green jobs including training and school requirements for specific careers
  • Environment Agencies and Organizations in the Great Lakes Region — local, state and federal agencies in the Great Lakes Area dealing with air quality, land use, water quality, flora, fauna, pollution, and hazardous waste
  • Environmental News and Commentary — environmental stories and trends before they become trendy

Take Action


  • Credit Card Offers — how to opt-out of credit card offer mailers
  • — offers information on buying products that have minimal environmental impact and meet personal needs
  • My Foot Print — This quiz estimates how much productive land and water is needed to support you, and tells you how to reduce your impact
  • National Do Not Mail List — Get your name off direct mail lists
  • — Shop for reusables available in many categories so you can eliminate disposables from every part of your life — from bags and bottles to lunch, household items and beyond

Buying Carbon Offsets

  • CarbonFund — makes it simple for you to reduce and offset carbon emissions
  • GreenCurrents — voluntary green options program (click on "Residential Utility Customers," then "Products/Programs" then "GreenCurrents")

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