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"THE CONFESSION" by John Grisham

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Joined: 05/09/2010

I am wondering how long it takes to buy additional copies of a book?
This particular book, "THE CONFESSION" by John Grisham has had at least 53 holds on it since before JUNE of this year and has had the comment that
"13 copies ordered for Adult Fiction on 06-11-2010"

And there has been ONLY ONE BOOK AVAILABLE this entire time.
Also - do I get a response to my comment sent to my e-mail adderess as well as here?
Also - what does the term
"3 holds on first copy returned of 1 copy" mean??
Thank you for your earliest response.

"The librarians also keep an eye on which items have the most holds, and will buy additional copies when the number of holds"

Joined: 12/19/2008

Thank you for your comment, Ju2ne. "The Confession" by John Grisham is due to be published October 26th, so the library has not yet received any copies. Currently there are 13 copies on order. The Library is able to order the book ahead of time to allow for requests prior to publication. The date the library orders something (the "6-11-2010" date in your question above) is not an indication that the book/movie/etc. is published.

Your second question, "what does 3 holds on first copy returned of 1 copy mean?" is a complicated way of indicating that there are 3 people who have requested the one copy the library owns or has on order, in that specific instance.

The library currently has a policy of 5 "holds" or requests to one copy. That means additional copies are ordered once one copy has 6 people waiting. For orders placed before publication this can prove trickier. We are always monitoring high-demand titles with computer-generated alerts. The five-requests-per-copy number is a policy determined by the Library Administration and a result of diminishing budget for puchasing books and other library materials.

I hope this addresses your concerns. In the future, please use the "Contact" link in the upper right corner of the CPL web site for this type of comment or suggestion. Using that link will ensure your comments are directed to the appropriate area. Thank you again for sharing your concerns.