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Best Ribs in Town!

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Joined: 09/03/2008

I just had the best spare rib dinner last night, from - of all places - a pizza joint!  Tender, falling off the bone, accompanied by nicely seasoned garlicky-y, parmesan-y breadsticks.  I'll be calling on Toarmina's (on Lilley Road) of Canton again, the next time I need to indulge that barbecue craving.

Brad Czerniak
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Joined: 09/02/2008

Their pizza is huge and tasty as well!

Joined: 03/02/2009

I was surprised!!! I had the pleasure of tasting those wonderful bones myself. Superbowl Sunday, I didn't feel like cooking or going out to pick up anything. I called for everything but pizza. The ribs were "falling off the bone" delicious and the chicken wings were equally tasty. Not to forget the bread which was soooo gooood!!! I was expecting to get, "so-so" service as well as mediocre food (with my calling during the superbowl and all). But I was more than pleasantly surprised with my meal. I had to call them and tell them how wonderful those ribs were. I recently ordered from them again, because I thought "maybe it was just a one time thing". But sure enough, the ribs, the bread and the pizza were consistently DELICIOUS!!!! TOARMINA's rocks!!! love it