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A Note About Mindfulness and Language

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Librarian Hokage
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Joined: 05/05/2009

I wanted to put a reminder out there to all, since It's easy for us all to forget, that this forum is a public one on a very public site, so that means people of all ages, from the very, very young to the very old can read it. As such be respectful of others, and be careful about choices of language in swearing. It's good to be yourself, and I'm no fan of censorship, but for the sake of any 8 year old who stumbles upon this forum, I ask that you just be mindful and respectful with your choice of language. Or at least creative with "---'s". I'm not worried. I trust you guys with this.

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Joined: 07/11/2009

wow nerd-kun :3 you trust us to much cool dance but because we all love you so much im sure people (the few people who actually check the forums from time to time exasperated .) will repect that love it
okay this love it smilie reminds me so much of tamaki!!!!!!!! XDD

oh by the way there doesnt seem to be a sweat drop smilie. you gotta have a sweat drop smilie!! happy2