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OOC: Quick rules is that everyone is the Gamemaster. You have a main character for yourself. But if you introduce any 'side-kick' level characters other people can access them; they probably will be needed to carry the story in people's post. So don't be offended if they are used extensively. Or even taken away fully from your character to anotehr world. etc.
You can Meta-game just don't abuse it(do things you expect your character wouldn't know or is strangely out of his personality). Use it mostly to keep things funner and funnier.
If you have a message to another poster and not to his character. Put the message at the beginning of your post start the message with "OOC"; meaning "out-of-character".

Then when you want to go back to posting your cahracter's play. Start a new paragraph with "IC"; meaning 'In-Character'.

*morpheus and light chii appear*

Morpheus: I give you two choices. Your decision will determine your destiny.



Chii: Olive?

Morpheus: The standard "red" and "blue" dyes were all sold out. It was either that or mauve.

Chii: .....

Morpheus: ...or lavender. they had lavender too.

*chii rolls her eyes*

*morpheus holds out the two pills to Joe Monkey & Crew*



*chii turns to Daniel*

Chii: Those are some crazy contorted pills there...

Anaconda: Well, sorry. I forgot to close the tag.

*daniel closes the tag*

Chii: ... now they're not colored.

*daniel looks at the pills. both are green*

Anaconda: Bah! fine then!

*fixes the pills*

*chii glares at daniel*

Chii: now they're even worse!

*daniel growls*

Anaconda: well I don't care! let them look strange! they still work!

*daniel hands the pills back to morpheus*

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Joined: 03/14/2009

OOC: This is an example of an out of game message.
By the way, my character is Dark Chii.

Acid trip man: Actually schitzofrenia and multiple personality disorder are two distinct diseases.

Acid trip man(version 2): says who?

Acid trip man: says me. now go away. you don't exist.

*Acid trip man(version 2) dissappears*

*Acid trip man dissapears because he was a part of Acid trip man(version 2)*



*dark chii starts falls to the ground and starts having spasms*

Meowth: What's happening to her?

Morpheus: The blue pill has interrupted her carrier signal. However it's also destroying her network settings.

Meowth: Why's that?

Morpheus: The blue pill was written for Windows XP. Dark Chii isn't running Windows XP, so the drivers are conflicting.

Joe: How do we fix it?

Light Chii: You're gonna need to reset her network and IP settings.

Joe: ...and how do we do that?

*everone turns to look at Daniel*

Anaconda: ...hey don't look at me like that! Today's Saturday, my day off from doing technical support!

*Dark Chii starts twitching some more and lets out a high pitched squeal*


*everyone covers their ears and looks at Daniel*

Anaconda: ... all right. I guess there's no other way out of this...

*daniel growls as he takes out a miniature LCD screen and a fold-up keyboard*

*daniel reaches for dark chii's right ear*

Light Chii: No, those are the firewire and USB ports. the VGA and PS/2 ports are in her other ear.

*daniel closes dark chii's right ear and opens her left one*

*daniel plugs in the keyboard and LCD*

*daniel types in a few commands*

Anaconda: AOL error? why the heck is she running AOL for her ISP.

Light Chii: Because she's evil of course. What more evil ISP is there?

*daniel types in a few more commands and dark chii stops moving and making noise. everyone uncovers their ears*

Anaconda: That should do it. now all she needs to do is reboot.

*daniel types in a final command and dark chii shuts off. after a moment she starts up again*

*dark chii looks around*

Dark Chii: what happened?

Morpheus: What happened was the blue pill took you to Wonderland but you got stuck halfway down the rabbit hole.

Dark Chii, Light Chii, and Meowth:huh?

Anaconda: Ehh, don't mind him. He's a little obsessed with Lewis Carol.

*morpheus inspects the pills and holds them out to Joe again*

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Joe: Whats the colors again?

Morpheus: Well it looks like your only choice now is orange

Joe: Do you have a cream soda one?

Dark Chii: Don't be silly.

TFK: I have codfish one.

Meowth: I'll take that one.

David: Whatz yea do'n guyz?

*all look at him*

All: The 3vil one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*David runs to the door*

Joe: Not so fast, I play the Ninj4 Monk3y. Get him monkey.

*Ninj4 jumps on David and starts pounding on him*

Smith: Hello Joe, Anaconda, Fish King, Dark&light Chii, Meowth, Morpheus, the guy being beat to a pulp by monkey.

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OOC: Really bothers my formatting that the forum forces to collapse my paragraphs when I try to double-space.
lol, am I trying to hard. Somebody join-in. You can have your character interact or start some big event.
It doesn't need to be some big plan; though you can do so. Just have fun and post something. Someone else can think of an event for us and may post it. Just get yourself into scene.

* Neo Shows up with acid man (version3)*
Neo:Mister Anderson.... I mean Mister Smith Meet acid man (version3) all you have to do is leave everbody alone and take green and indigo pills!!
*Smith takes pills and starts convulsing*
Acid Man(version3): Welcome to my bachelor pad Mister Smith.
Smith: Nice
*Morpheus looks at the place where Agent Smith had been before he dissappeared*

Morpheus: Dangit... Those were my last two pills too.

*morpheus pulls out a cellphone*

--->: Operator!?

Morpheus: Give me an exit.

--->: Locating...

*morpheus looks at David and the monkey as he waits for the response*

--->: I can't seem to find any active exits. You'll have to leave another way. Sorry.

*morpheus closes up his phone*

Morpheus: Hmm... Agent Smith is gone now, Neo's stuck in defense mode, and there aren't any active exits. Now how am I supposed to leave?

Anaconda: We could e-mail you back to the Nebuccanezer as an attachment.

Morpheus: Hmm... Maybe that will work. How can we do it?

Anaconda: Take this.

*daniel hands morpheus a box*

Morpheus: Now what?

*daniel turns to light chii and opens up her left ear*

Light Chii: ..?

*daniel plugs the LCD and keyboard into light chii*

Light Chii: .....

*daniel starts typing in some commands*

Anaconda: I'm using my public e-mail address so it's possible that you may end up in the Nebuchaneezer's spam box.

Morpheus: No, we've got it disabled.

Anaconda: Oh okay.

*daniel types in a couple more things and presses Enter*

*the box in Morpheus's hand starts glowing, and Morpheus gets sucked into it*

Light Chii: Now what? Where'd he go? I haven't sent that mail yet...

Anaconda: He's just been stored in the box. Now I need to download him into you.

*taking a wire out of his pocket, daniel goes and picks up the box*

*daniel attaches the wire to the box*

*daniel walks back over to Light Chii and opens her right ear*

Anaconda: Hmm... that's a six-pin firewire port. my wire's four-pin.

Light Chii: do you have a different wire?

Anaconda: I think I do...

*daniel reaches into his other pocket and pulls out another wire. he plugs it into the box and unplugs the other wire*

Anaconda: ahh here we go.

*daniel plugs the wire into light chii*

*daniel types in a final command*

Anaconda: Now send it.

*light chii nods and her irises start displaying code. the LCD screen starts flashing*

Light Chii: ... done.

*daniel unplugs all his devices from light chii*

Meowth: I hope they don't pass him off and SPAM and delete him.

Anaconda: Nah, I marked him as "Priority One". They'll read the message before it's deleted.